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An epic Canadian giveawEH.

Are you paying attention? Because this giveaway is about to knock your socks off! We are bringing you not one, not two, not three (you get the idea) but SEVEN amazing Canadian products. Yes, they’re Canadian and they’re spectacular!

Seven bloggers, seven prizes, seven winners! I think you just hit the jackpot.

We are: Katy from Fit in Heels, Tara from I’m Fit Possible, Davida from The Healthy Maven, Sarah from My Mostly Healthy Life, Michelle from Push Pump Progress, Suzi from Confessions of a Fitness Instructor, and ME! and we have teamed up to bring you the coolest giveaway. Ever.

Y’all ready fo’ this? You have to imagine Jock Jams Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited playing in the background as you read the rest of this post!

Eat Clean Diet

Win one of two Eat-Clean Diet and Raw Elements Inc. sponsored goody bags! Goody bags include Tosca Reno’s favourite Sunwarrior supplements, a special recipe from Tosca and two titles from Tosca Reno’s bestselling Eat-Clean Diet series.

1 green Eat-Clean Diet grocery bag
1 Raw Elements Water bottle
1 sample of Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder
1 sample of Sun Warrior Activated Barley Powder
1 sample of Sun Warrior Ormus Greens Powder
1 copy of Tosca Reno’s Just the Rules
1 copy of The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian cookbook 
1 back issue of Oxygen Magazine (Tosca Reno cover)
1 back issue of Clean Eating Magazine (June/July 2012)
As well as a recipe from Tosca using the supplements in the goody bag.

Back in November, Michelle stumbled upon a local Toronto based company called Urban Running Girl. Urban Running Girl makes running shrugs…yes, that’s right…RUNNING SHRUGS! These shrugs are designed for active women. “The idea of a running shrug came about from the need to keep warm while warming up during and early morning run, particularly in the spring and fall. It’s too cool to start with only a tank top or t-shirt, but once you are warmed up and/or outside the temperature rises. Then it becomes too warm for a long sleeve shirt or jacket”. These shrugs come in a variety of colours: purple, black, pink, orange and turquoise. The shrugs are made of tech material that wicks away quickly, it also has fold over cuffs that you can use to cover your hands on cooler days!

Prize: One awesome running shrug in your choice of colours!

Allergic Solution

Allergic Solution allergen-free mixes were created from a place of knowledge about nutrition and how a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can heal the body. The founder of the company is both a nutritionist and consumer who has yearned for healthy, allergen-free, gluten-free food products available in the market place. Their mission is to provide ethically and socially responsible products that support the needs of people with allergies, assist in reducing inflammation in the body and contributes to overall health. The mixes are free of corn, dairy/casein, gluten/wheat, peanuts, tree-nuts and soy and are also 100% vegan, kosher certified and are made in North America.
Prize Includes: Yeast Free Bread Mix, Pancake/Waffle Mix, Vanilla Cake Mix, Carob Cake Mix and a recipe book.

Omega Crunch Shelled Flax

Regular flax contain a hard outer shell that our digestive system is unable to breakdown so it passes through the body without us absorbing any of the nutrients of the kernel found inside. You can get around this by using ground up flax but the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Omega Crunch however, is produced with shelled flax (flax that has had the hull removed from the inner flax kernel). Your body is able to easily digest the flax seed and reap the benefits offered by the seed. And they taste great! The natural flavour really doesn’t taste like anything and you can throw it in granola and raw macaroon recipes, or top of yogurt with a tablespoon of shelled flax.  It adds a crunchy texture without the taste of the ground flax.  You can also buy it in maple, cinnamon and garlic flavours.The other thing I really love about this product is that is made right here in Nova Scotia.  In fact, it is produced in New Minas which is only 20 minutes away from where Suzi lives, and is produced in partnership with The Flower Cart which is an organization that provides training and employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Prize Includes: One 225g shaker bottle of Regular Shelled Flax.


Koge Vitamins

These ain’t your momma’s vitamins, but if you’re a nice kid you should get them for mom, anyway…it IS almost Mother’s Day! 

Koge takes the confusion out of buying vitamins, as simplicity is their
motto; there are only four options. Koge’s expert team of doctors and
nutritionists have put together multi-product vitamin packages designed to
ensure you receive the holistic benefits you desire. Each tub has 30 packs of
vitamins, so all you have to do is take one a day and enjoy the benefits. The best part about Koge (besides wicked vitamins and spirited, down-to-earth, cute founders)? For every purchase, they donate vitamins to children in Africa under the age of 5 suffering from malnutrition. It’s a win-win; improve your health and permanently improve the lives of others. 

Prize: One month supply of Daily Essentials. They’ll provide you with
a complete set of healthy nutrients required for optimal day-to-day
wellness. Your body will be at its best, no matter what the day throws your

Face of Hope

Located in Strathroy Ontario, Face of Hope is a skin care company that absolutely ROCKS! Why? I will totally tell you! Here are some legit reasons:

  • 100% All Natural ~ 90% Certified Organic
  • Simple yet very effective, containing highly active natural ingredients
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Amber glass packaging that is 100% recyclable
  • Pure Organic Floral Waters are the only waters used
  • Essential minerals – assists the health & vitality of the skin
  • Vitamins A, E, F and C and Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils – offers support and nourishment for the skin
 Never formulated with parabens, toxic preservatives, synthetics or artificial ingredients, petrochemicals or mineral oils. Also the owner Liz, is an absolute gem!

Prize: The Prevent & Repair System (travel size) has been formulated to create a state of well being and balance for the skin. This daily routine of cleansers, toner, treatment and moisturizers provide all the nutrition needed for healthy glowing skin. Ingredients containing pure vitamins, minerals and omega oils are all carefully combined to produce six powerful products that all play a role in reducing acne, redness, wrinkles and sun damage.

NoSweat Laundry

NoSweat has been amazing for Katy from Fit in Heels, who has invested so much money in workout clothes. What goes in to the washing machine is rank-ass, stinky laundry (courtesy of her and her husband, two fitness junkies who like to sweat) and what comes out smells so good it makes her want to shove her face in my husband’s jock.  Katy’s words.
NoSweat can be used on its own (you need the teeeeniest amount), or in addition to your laundry detergent. It takes out yellow stains and works specifically with workout gear materials! In addition, the Mat Spray can be an amazing addition to your yoga practice, to freshen up your mat!This is a must-have for any fitness instructor, personal trainer, Phys Ed teacher, runner, athlete, or anyone else who lives in their workout gear.
Prize: Two full-sized 500ml NoSweat laundry detergent (one in sweet freesia and one unscented), one travel size citrus rush laundry detergent and one mat spray in sweet freesia.

Need a recap? (I know I do!)

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1. One of two Eat-Clean Diet and Raw Elements Inc sponsored goody bags.

2. One awesome running shrug in your choice of colours from Urban Running Girl.

3. Yeast Free Bread Mix, Pancake/Waffle Mix, Vanilla Cake Mix, Carob Cake Mix and a recipe book from Allergic Solutions.

4. One 225g shaker bottle of Regular Shelled Flax from Omega Crunch.

5. One month supply of Daily Essentials from Koge Vitamins.

6. The Prevent & Repair System (travel size) formulated to create a state of well being and balance for the skin from Face of Hope.

7. Two full-sized 500ml NoSweat laundry detergent (one in sweet freesia and one unscented), one travel size citrus rush laundry detergent and one mat spray in sweet freesia.

What do all of these products and companies have in common? They are Canadian and we absolutely love each and every one of them. Of course, they love us right back, too!

Can we get a round of applause for these ridiculously fabulous companies? Now it’s your turn! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win of of the seven awesome products or prize packs. This giveaway is open to all residents of Canada and the US. Good luck!

Since I have a blog, it won’t show the Rafflecopter widget, so just click on the link below and it will take you to a page where you can enter this giveaway very easily.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Win tickets to the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival.

It’s Monday. The day furthest away from your next escape. The long weekend is around the corner, but it’s not close enough.

Do you have a case of the Mondays?


Well, do not fret my pet. I have something to cheer you right up! Have any plans for Friday night? Cancel them. You’re now going to The Banff Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival.

One lucky reader and a guest are getting entrance tickets to the festival that is sold out year after year. These hot little numbers are for the Friday, May 10  session from 7-10 p.m.

In February, Rebecca and I checked out the Winefest in Calgary and left a bit tipsy and a lot satisfied. I decided to find a red that I loved, and Rebecca caught up with the wine reps, speaking of trips to Napa and Kelowna – I have such cultured friends.


The Banff event invites guests to sample from a wide array of wine, scotch, beer and other libations, paired with delicious food samples. Wine and beverage experts will be available to share their knowledge and suggest tasting notes as attendees sample their way from booth to booth.

Not only is the hooch something to talk about, the Grand Tasting Hall will also feature the best cuisine that Banff restaurants and eateries have to offer.

Chefs from across the town will be serving up specialties such as:

  • Wild Mushroom Arancini – Crisp and gooey risotto balls with rich red pepper and creamed Parmesan sauce from the Bear Hill Brewing Company
  • Reuben Slider – Montreal smoked meat on a mini pretzel bun served with chardonnay Dijon and sauerkraut from the Eddie Burger & Bar
  • Dark Mole Pulled Pork Spring Rolls – Fried spring rolls with honey sriracha drizzle and watermelon cubes from the Rimrock Resort Hotel
  • Shrimp & Crawfish Etouffée  – Spicy Cajun stew served with dirty rice and cornbread from Touloulou’s

Are you drooling all over your keyboard yet? You should be!

So why not make a weekend out of it? Enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains, fantastic wine and delicious food, then sleep in and go hiking on Saturday – or just stay in town, shop the strip and have fondue for lunch at Grizzly House?

There are numerous ways to enter and the only mandatory one is to leave a comment below. Contest closes at 2:00 p.m. MT on Thursday, May 9. Winner will be contacted by email. Good luck!

How’s your Monday looking now?

 – Contest now closed –

  • Leave a comment below telling me why you should have a night out in Banff
  • Optional: Follow Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival on Twitter:  @RockyWineFood and tell me that you did
  • Optional: Follow me on Twitter: @laurabridgman and tell me that you did
  • Optional: Like scribbles&sass on Facebook and tell me that you did

If you’re not the winner, tickets are available online at

Disclaimer: The comp tickets are for the Friday, May 10 from 7-10 p.m. When presented at the door, these tickets will allow for complimentary access into the Grand Tasting Hall.  Tickets are not transferable to Saturday’s session. This is an adult only event. All attendees must be 18 years or older. Minors (including infants) are not permitted to attend.  Sampling coupons can be purchased separately.

Along for the ride.

Can you believe we’ve been occupying this little slice of the internet for two years now? That’s right, it’s a bloggy birthday and officially the longest relationship I’ve ever been able to hold down! WordPress hasn’t dumped me yet, and it’s probably because I continue to pick up the check when we go out, and a little lovin’ on the side.

We’ve been through so much – moves, jobs, yoga, dates, broken legs, vacations…From sassy to serious and back again.

How you all put up with me I’ll never know, but I do know that scribbles&sass would be a much more boring place without you as part of it.

I’ve worked with some pretty wicked brands, and had some fantastic friends guest post for me – both of these will continue – thank you to the insanely rad PR people who I’ve partnered with, and my talented friends who always make me laugh.

My most important thank you is to you amazing readers – every comment makes me dance with delight. You are so so special to me.

Words (as much as I love them) suck at saying thank you, though. Instead, I’ve got a giveaway for you! Hooray!


How cute is this infinity scarf?* It could be yours. Only one way to enter – leave a comment below.

Entry closes 11:59p.m. PT on Saturday, January 12. Open to Canada and US peeps.

*me not included….well, maybe a bit of my perfume.

Oh, and though it won’t give you an extra entry, follow me on twitter because you love me.

A birthday giveaway.

Cupcake wishes and champagne dreams!

I always dream big – gigantic, even – but when it comes to special days it is blown even more out of proportion.

Take today, for example. It’s my birthday. No special number, or special plans, but today is my day! And I? Feel amazing!

The leg is healing, I am beginning to walk without the cast, I’ve moved into my new apartment, and I spent last night baking cupcakes to take to work and going for dinner with a beautiful friend.

My wishes for 27?

– to continue to learn how to chill the fuck out; I’m getting pretty good.

– be completely open to all opportunity and continue to give up “no” and asking for more “yes”

– and tonight I’d love to go for ice cream with a cute boy then make out. So, you know, cute boy: call me.

I know my life isn’t a John Hughes movie, but I want my Jake Ryan. Sigh. A girl can dream!

My wishes for you? Win my giveaway, of course!

A birthday isn’t a birthday without pretty things! Actually, that defines my whole life. It’s all I ask for and all I believe I deserve. Pretty things.

So in the spirit of presents, I wanted to share some of my favorite pretty things with one lucky reader.

That’d be:
– larabars
– Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Stripped Cookbook
– a pair of #SweatPink shoelaces
– two yoga DVDs
– a tin of EnergyBits

Three ways to win:

1. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite birthday treat – mine is cheesecake… or red velvet cupcakes.

2. Follow me on Twitter (@laurabridgman) and leave a comment to tell me you did along with your twitter name.

3. Tweet the following: “it’s @laurabridgman’s birthday and she’s sharing her presents #prettythings” and then comment to let me know you did.

Simple, huh?

Contest is open to anyone, and closes on Sunday, September 30. Winner will be selected using Random Number Generator and contacted through email. Thanks so much for the wicked companies helping me kick off another great year of love. Good luck!

Are you feeling lucky?

I’m struggling with my yoga practice.

Now that my Passport to Prana card is one studio (a studio whose hours are ridiculous, btw) away from being used up, I’m hunting for other spaces to call home. Introductory offer specials have caught my eye at many places, and the two-week deal I’m currently in has me stressed out about my practice rather than enjoying it to the fullest. Remember the New York Times article about yoga injuring your body? I’ve now met the instructors associated with that thought.

I have yet to find a space that mixes an aesthetically pleasing space and amazing instructors. I need a yoga home and it is driving my looney. The search continues.

I also want YOU to find your perfect yoga home.

The amazing people over at Blisstree are all about the giveaways; you should like them on Facebook. Thanks to them I’ve got to do 30-days of online yoga and most recently I won a PtP card.

The wicked thing is they are letting me gift it instead of using it for myself. You know, because I’ve worked it around Calgary already.

So here are the details:

I have 1 (one) Canadian Passport to Prana card to giveaway

It is valid in: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria or Winnipeg.

What you need to do:

Mandatory – Leave me a comment telling me which city you’d use the card in and what studio you want to check out the most in that city.
(A full list of cities and locations can be found here)

Extra – Tweet about the giveaway:

I want that damn Passport to Prana card @LaurBridge. Give it to me! #giveaway

…or something along those lines. Just make sure you include “@LaurBridge” and “” and “#giveaway”…then leave me a comment to tell me you tweeted.

Contest closes Wednesday, January 25 @ 11:59 p.m. MT and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, January 26.

Gratitude and luck.

At the beginning of 2011 I felt like I didn’t express love for friends and family enough. So I made it one of my goals (click the Conquered tab at the top-right) to let people know when I am thinking of them. I hope they are appreciating the text messages and emails. I realize that I could say it a lot more – tons more – and I need to stop assuming people know how I feel about them.

Simply put, I’m surrounded by special people!


Aren't we cute?

This wasn't even Halloween.

Hmm..I'll need to think about that one.

Supposedly November 1-7 was World Communication Week. Who knew?

Well my friends over at larabar, that’s who. They have been tweeting and facebooking about it, but they’ve made it into World Communication MONTH. And that month, my friends, ends today!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to put together a little gift for one of my readers. Yup, a giveaway!

Here is what you have to do:

  • Pick up your phone or open your email and let someone know you are thinking of them/love them. It could be someone you tell often, or better yet, someone you think may need the extra little boost in their day.
  • Let me know in the comments section who you picked, and why you picked them. Only one comment per person will count in the draw.

Giveaway will end at 11:59:59 p.m. MT on Wednesday, November 30 (that’s tonight!). Winner will be picked at random.

I’d love if you’d share the message of communication and love with others, too. Sadly, it won’t count as an entry in the contest, but it’s a shiny gold star on your life check-list.

I have no idea what the gift will be yet, but it will be something good – think lululemon gift card, or starbucks, or treats.

My warm fuzzy went to Sister. I shared this with her yesterday, it was my comment on Joy’s giveaway that I won. I wanted to make sure she knew:

I’ve also made it a goal to let 19 others that I’m thinking of them today!

Your turn!

Be strong, hold on tight.

It can provide self confidence and the assistance in mastering one’s destiny….

And with that, I wore my Tiny Devotions Black Onyx mala every day when I was trying to decide what I would do with my life. Whether Toronto still had a place for me or if it was time to move on.

I struggled; did I have the guts? Was it a good idea? How crazy was this decision?

We all know what decision I made.

I wore my mala when I quit my job. I wore my mala when I told my family the news. I wore my mala as I packed up my life. I wore my mala to a job interview for a new position in Calgary.

It was my nerve; it was my strength. It was telling me that I had made the right decision and I could stop worrying. And that interview was going to be my future – I didn’t need its strength anymore, I had my own.

My Black Onyx mala!

So here is the fun part, I found out today that Tiny Devotions wants to celebrate my birthday the best way I know how – they want you to share in the good luck, good energy, healing, health and fortune!

I’m giving away the gorgeous Creative Catalyst mala.

Here is what you have to do:

Mandatory – Leave me a comment telling me why the Creative Catalyst mala is perfect for you.

Extra – Like Tiny Devotions on Facebook and leave them a fun little note letting them know how much you want to win a mala
– Follow Tiny Devotions on Twitter
– Tweet something sassy and include @LaurBridge and @tinydevotions and

Leave a separate comment letting me know which actions you’ve done.

Contest closes on Sunday, September 25 – so enter now! Good luck!

*note: I want to send a big ol’ personal thank you to Diana, the creative mind behind Tiny Devotions, for introducing me to malas, being such a positive model of strength, a friend, and a generous person.