Oh, Monday.

it’s been a rough few days in the Dalla Costa household (mom’s side), and it’s times like this that I feel so horribly selfish and stupid for moving so far away from family.


sister gave me some great advice to get through today:

it’s hard not to think about it. do something that makes you happy; listen to a great song, have a treat at one of those yummy bakeries.


today my happiness will come from Otis Redding and Bruno Mars, cups of strong and milky tea, email conversations with sister, my sixth Booty Camp session, the possibility of wine and dessert later, and looking at all of the beautiful and uplifting photos on Pinterest.



hug your loved ones for me. i’m not close enough to wrap my arms around anyone today, but they all have their hands in my heart.


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4 responses to “Oh, Monday.”

  1. allisonbridgman says :

    …and I’m crying.
    1. you’re not selfish
    2. red velvet cupcakes (or salted caramel in my case) cure all. So do brownies. And freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. And ice cream. Healthy things do not.
    3. I love lists. 🙂

    looooove you!

  2. EmilyS says :

    Audrey and I send you love…and wet, slobbery baby kisses!

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