I love me.

On a day where we are so consumed with loving others, I challenge you to take a moment for self-reflection and self-appreciation.

Stand up for that person in the mirror and see yourself through new eyes. If our perception defines our reality, identifying ourselves solely by our negative attributes only serves to blur our vision of our true selves.

Surround yourself with beauty in all its forms.

DSC_0594Begin a gratitude practice. We tend to give time and effort to the things we value. Regardless of how you currently feel about yourself, there is always something to be grateful for.

DSC_0607Don’t feel selfish to express genuine love for yourself, or afraid to feel it towards others.


Cupcakes for breakfast always help, too.

I love me! Love you, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 responses to “I love me.”

  1. yourothermotherhere says :

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Thank you for an uplifting post on a day when many people feel left out. That was very nice and considerate of you.

  2. sister says :

    this is the best. i wish I had some pretty flowers or yummy cupcakes…….well, I could, but I’m lazy. I have Starbucks, though; which I love.

    love you more than Starbucks, and cupcakes, and flowers….combined!

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