What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Cheap and Easy Valentines.

I’m not much for Valentine’s Day. I would much rather have a random display of affection, than a store bought one. Though, I am one for giving cards and gifts. Truth be told, in university I made my friends Valentine’s cards with drawings of cats, houses, and fire hydrants – my artistic abilities are endless, people. Be impressed.

This year, I have a stack of cards waiting to be penned, and my oven is dreaming of baking special sweet red treats.

So how do you impress a girl who doesn’t really care? Go the cheap and easy route. Here are my four top V-Day gifts for under $15.


1. Love Card – Etsy – $4.50
Handmade cards and humor are the two quickest ways into my pants heart.

2. Red Velvet Elvis – Crave Cupcakes – $3.25
I’m not much for sweets, but red velvet cupcakes are my guilty pleasure. If you somehow managed to combine cheesecake with this I may die.

3. Neon Elastic Bracelet – alimonada – $14.90
The only candy I want is arm candy. The mixture of cobalt and gold scream summer. (is it summer yet?)

4. Tulips – Safeway – $4/bunch
Don’t get me an expensive bouquet of red roses when a simple bunch of tulips from the grocery store tied with string is what I desire.

And a special number 5? A kiss – free – I’m sold.

Are you big on Valentine’s Day? What are your plans?

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7 responses to “What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Cheap and Easy Valentines.”

  1. Katy @ fit in heels says :

    You are so adorable!!! These are perfection to me. I’d also love a good fashion magazine and mayyyyybe some of my favourite wine. Not that I like it that much. (P.s. I went card shipping yesterday and bought 18 cards. We are soulmates.)

  2. EmilyS says :

    I am also addicted to greeting cards…especially Papyrus! My VDay tradition includes heart shaped pizza. The last few years we have made our own dough, but with Audrey on the scene now, we’re leaving all the cooking to Boston Pizza!

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