I’m on the nice list.

My favourite everyday purse has a gaping hole in the lining. I discovered it when I went searching for my lipstick – it’s now mamboing in the abyss alongside loose change.

Thanks goodness I’ve been a good girl this year. This gorgeous purse from Nella Bella was delivered as a little early Christmas gift.



That’s me rockin’ my new Caspia Nu Moon in Navy last night. Isn’t she pretty? Besides being a visually appealing brand, Nella Bella is also a Canadian company that uses only vegan materials and is super reasonably priced.

Have you also been a good little girl or boy? Behold the complete Nella Bella Nice List.

Nella Bella Nice List

Chic Shoppers
For the chic and sleek, these two styles are selling out fast!

The Boston Nella Bella’s Best Nylon Nu Seller – $88

The Cardinal Almost sold out! Only three colours available – $99

For Him
Nella Bella for him

Stockholm NM Man Reduced price – $88

Cedar Unisex, new for fall – $150

City Travellers
For the fashionable, city girl

The Essex Cute and practical, special online price – $49

Caspia from the Holiday Collection – $79

Hong Kong Nu Vintage Blue – $125

Urban Colourful
Add some colour to the holiday season with these gorgeous selections

The Avalon oversized clutch with removable handle – $100

Lily Ultra adorable top handle with removable strap – $110

Timeless Classic 

The London: Nella Bella’s all time best seller, a timeless piece that can be used up to eight different ways. This is a gift that allows for versatility and functionality with fashionable qualities  $125

Last day to order to ensure your Nella Bella bag will arrive on time for Christmas is Wednesday, December 19. If you’re worried, just call the office and set up next-day delivery. They are gems like that, and they’ll do it for you.

The Caspia is a perfect size for around town, but it also fits my DSLR. I think I know what purse I’m packing for my trip down south!

Which one would you pick for Santa to bring you?

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6 responses to “I’m on the nice list.”

  1. dapperdolly says :

    Very cute bag and suits you well!

    I think I’ve been pretty nice this year heh 🙂 I’d go for a cedar bag, they’re practical and come in cute colours.

  2. IHeartVegetables says :

    Now I want a new work bag!!! haha 🙂 I love your scarf by the way!

  3. EmilyS says :

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cardinal in the GORGEOUS green colour! I think that it would make a FABULOUS diaper bag!! I’m sending a hint to Santa as I type 🙂

  4. Jenna says :

    Oh wow!!! I’m a purse junkie! I have so many it’s absolutely ridiculous! I love them all!! This year I asked for a new longchamp. Now I want all of these ones too! Lol! Have a happy friday! Spa ❤

  5. sister says :

    Dear Santa,
    I’m sure I’ve been a good girl this year, despite thinking I was on the naughty list this morning waking up 3 hours before my alarm, after a nightmare, and a wicked case of heartburn. Since I obviously paid the price, I’ll hop back on the nice list, ok? So, Santa, could you please, please, please bring me an Avalon bag? I’m in love with it!

    Thanks Santa. xox.

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