Lx2 favourite things.

That’d be Laura and Lacey’s Favourite Things – It’s like Oprah’s, but on a budget; a $20 budget to be exact.

I love presents, and I love mail, so combining the two seems like the world’s greatest idea. On that note, a big thanks to Leigh and Lindsey for organizing (sooo many L names in one post) the 2012 Favourite Things Christmas Blog Swap.


Lacey, also from Calgary, was my partner. She asked a few strategic questions and combined a few of my favourite things with hers to come up with a great gift for me.


A Christmas tree made out of tea and a mug – there is part of me that doesn’t want to open it, because it is so adorable. That feeling won’t last too long.


Just in time for the fatten-up-your-skinny-coworkers season, cookie mix and a cutter. Mix is so helpful when I feel like being a domestic superstar without the effort. Like a true goddess, I always admit that I made them from scratch. (Side note: For another quick-bake, try these lemon icebox cookies. The dough keeps in the freezer for up to two months, so when you go on a date and want to impress, you can just cut off six and bake for 12 minutes – yes, I was that girl.)


Last but not least, trail mix. My favourite go-to snack. The worst thing about it is that one bag is already gone. I’m a trail mix monster.

This, mixed with “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” on repeat this morning, has me in a Christmas mood. Thanks so much Lacey; love it all! In other exciting news, Lacey just announced that she’s pregnant. Congratulations!

What’s your favourite holiday thing? I love pretty ornaments, too. I just don’t have a tree to put them on. 


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6 responses to “Lx2 favourite things.”

  1. EmilyS says :

    Deliciousness all around!!

  2. Lacey says :

    Awe, yay! I’m glad you like everything!

  3. Jenna says :

    I’m a trailmix monster too!! I basically eat it as cereal! Hahaha. Those are adorable gifts!! Spa ❤

  4. Sara says :

    I adore that tea christmas tree! I`m still waiting on my package… should be here any day!

  5. Alison says :

    Fun gift! That tree is so cute!!

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