Full of holiday something.

Last Wednesday, the girls and I headed to The CORE to get into the Christmas spirit – a new misfits tradition. As I mentioned, I have been lacking in the holiday joy. The cold and snow have done nothing to get my toes tapping to carols. Side note: I do have a very strict rule that Christmas music, decorations, etc. cannot begin until Dec 1. Call me a Scrooge all you want, 25 days is enough for the Little Drummer Boy.

‘Twas The Night is an amazing event held yearly to kick off the season of shopping. The mall is open till 10 p.m., the tree is lit, and numerous events take place.


My heart did light up at the same time as the tree. Accompanied by indoor fireworks (that sounded like a firing squad) and a boy’s choir, the illuminated tree sits as the centerpiece for the mall.

The next stop was outside of Holt Renfrew – I want to buy everything – for a special excerpt performance of The Nutcracker from Alberta Ballet. I took so many photos of this performance. Too many? So beautiful; I miss dancing.


The final stop of the night before my friends wanted to kill me we started to shop was at the unveiling of Paul Hardy’s Tweet Dress.


Calgary as a designer frock. I’m not sure what I expected, but there was a lot of Calgary pride sown into the material and emblazed on both the front and back in the form of the skyline on a leather bustier and the Stampeders logo on the back of a sweater. Cowboy and Western are two major themes and Hardy represented that with a hat (of course), and textures of denim and leather.


With no more time commitments, we wandered the mall to nibble on food and sample drinks – compared to last year, the selection was less than desirable.

One last romantic stroll through Devonain Gardens to get a taste of the tropics before heading back out into the falling snow.


Christmas spirit? It’s back! Partially thanks to ‘Twas The Night, and mostly due to Sunday’s Festive Special, wine and Elf night with Katey.

Are you in the holiday spirit? Have any holiday traditions with friends?


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2 responses to “Full of holiday something.”

  1. jenna says :

    i am so in the holiday spirit now! i have been since thanksgiving was over!! i love the christmas specials on tv and music on the radio as well as all the shopping!! glad youve gotten the spirit back! spa ❤

  2. Sara says :

    Too bad I didn’t bump into you at ‘Twas the night… I had a lot of fun, spent about 100 bucks that I really didn’t have or need to, and also finished up by walking thru the gardens with a friend of mine… and yogen fruz! love your pics from the ballet! we were up on the second level, so all of mine are top down!

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