What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: GRATiAE.

The weather is playing tricks. The Chinooks are such a blessing, but when the temperature dips down again everything goes downhill with it: my spirits, my skin moisture levels.

Thankfully for the last two weeks I’ve been using GRATiAE, a skin care line that has been designed with one purpose in mind: anti-aging. It successfully makes use of Gratiae’s thermal spring water and combines it with exclusive materials, flora native to the Sea of Galilee and organic plants.

Anti-aging? Sign my eyes up! I think I’ve told the story of my beautiful mother’s crow’s feet one too many times.

This stuff is unreal. Since using it, I don’t look tired, there are no black circles, and the skin around my eyes is SO soft. My 19-year-old self wishes she knew about Replenishing Eye Serum. Yes, I’ve been using eye creams for eight year. Do I really need to tell you about my mom’s crow’s feet AGAIN!? I’m her twin, we’re not going there! Just a dab will do, and the minute or so I take massaging it into my skin in a circular motion around my eyes is immensely relaxing.

After reading a review from TART YYC’s blog I decided to use the Passion Fruit & Lime Body Butter as face cream. I had a few breakouts that I wanted to go away as soon as possible and this did the trick, not to mention how silky it left my skin. I can’t stop touching my face. Oddly enough, my coworkers can’t either. Who’s a pretty girl? I am…oh, sorry, in my own little world there for a second. One coworker – while petting my cheek – commented that I was glowing; something I thought only pregnant women and those in love did. I’ve been corrected. With my skin so smooth and clear, I’ve also opted out of makeup for the majority of the last two weeks, too. Not to worry, I continued to play with vampy eye makeup. The best part is the Body Butter has a thick consistency, so only a little is needed for my face and neck. It will last quite a while.

While you can order online at the moment, we’re lucky enough in Calgary to have a store opening in The CORE later in the month. Amazing skin within walking distance? I’m not complaining.

Check GRATiAE out on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and speaking of The CORE, I can’t wait till next Wednesday. It’s ‘Twas The Night – the best holiday season charity event Calgary has! You can still buy tickets. WIll I see you there? Look for me, the sassy blonde one.

Am I the only one that started using eye cream at 19? What is your skin care routine?


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7 responses to “What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: GRATiAE.”

  1. Sister says :

    I love “what I’m lovin’ Wednesday”…..great idea. Um, also, I tried to look for face cream yesterday, but there were too many options, and I didn’t want to cry at shoppers, so I’m still looking.

  2. Mindy @Road Runner Girl says :

    I will have to check out that eye cream! I always feel like I have black circles under my eyes. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Omg… I’ve been using anti-aging cream since about 20, as well. And I am obsessed with new products, especially with “glowing” reviews! I need this eye serum!!!

  4. Sara says :

    My skin care routine is pretty much non exciting, I have a cleanser from lush that I use before bed (its angels on bare skin) and that about it…. my skin might hate me for this latter tho.

  5. noshingonasphalt says :

    I hate to admit this, but the older I get (I’m in my late 20s) the more I notice the need for products like this. *Sigh* I probably should have started using eye cream at 19.

  6. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says :

    I started using eye cream probably 2-3 years ago – when I was 24/25? You and I can compare crow’s feet in years to come – fairly sure you will win!

  7. katalysthealth says :

    I really should probably start using eye cream! Im 23, and just use the basic scincare stuff, but thats mostly because I dont know what kind of eye cream to buy!

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