One singular sensation.

September 8. Today officially marks one year since I arrived in Calgary.

downtown skyline from the lookout.

There is part of me that believes it, part of me that can’t, and part of me that feels like it’s been 5 years.

I tried to reflect on everything that has happened this year but nothing really significant stood out. Soon much but so little?

I feel like the biggest change in all of this has been me. No, not the new hair do or the stylish cast I’ve been rocking for the last six and a half weeks, but the inside me. Calm, happy in my job, making new friends; it’s all good.

Sure I’m lonely and miss the comforts that home brings. I miss Toronto, the friends and most of all the family, but there is always an overpriced flight home. No matter how long I’m here, Toronto will always be home.

I decided to give Calgary a bit more time and move into my apartment at the end of the month. Visitors are always welcome, though no one takes me up on that offer. Wait a little while, as I need to buy a couch. Post-Thanksgiving visitors sounds good. We’ll go to the Rockies; bring your earmuffs and mittens.

Lake Moraine.

Looking forward to the next year. Hopefully. Happy. Hippie.

20 responses to “One singular sensation.”

  1. runwkate says :

    Happy anniversary, then! hat sucks that you’re still homesick. I think it took me 2 or 3 years to get over leaving home. And the place I moved to always felt ‘temporary’. Now I’ve moved again, and that feels perfect. I hope you get to love it – eventually 🙂 xx

  2. Debbish says :

    A year, wow… I’ve been reading your blog for a while cos I remember you moving!

    And that photograph is gorgeous. Such amazing views!

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      That is one of the things I have fallen in love with. I am in the middle of the Rockies and before moving here I’d never seen a mountain.

      I can’t believe we’ve been blog-following for that long, either! Seems like only yesterday sista. Glad we’ve found each other.

  3. Jenna says :

    I’ve just been in my apartment a little over a year too! I love it and I love my job and new friends, but home is always where the heart will be! I feel ya, girlie! Spa love!

  4. ~jenniferlynn says :

    Where did you live before, Laura?

    And love your theme, too! Gotta love gray and pink! 🙂

  5. Kat @ sneakers & fingerpaints says :

    Awesome! You’re super north of me! 😉 found you on Twitter btw!

  6. Lea says :

    its always hard to leave home, but it sounds like you are adjusting just fine. I left my hometown 15 years ago and I still get a pange of homesick here and there. beautiful picture!

  7. Sara says :

    I can`t believe I only now found your blog. I`ve been in Calgary for a little over 2 years now, came out here from Hamilton, to do graduate school. I totally agree with your feelings on Calgary, when I first got out here (alone) it was hard to meet new people, to force myself out into the city and to feel like I enjoyed it here (definitely was missing the family and friends back in Ontario) but now I couldn`t be happier out here Calgary just has so much to offer, maybe I won`t be here forever, but I`m for sure loving it right now.


  8. Krista* says :

    I’m happy your staying longer. It gives us more time to actually work on meeting! I hope this date comes sooner rather than later! 🙂

    I think you’re incredibly brave for making the move so far from home. I also think that the mountains are pretty great 🙂

  9. Marcia says :

    What a cool change of scenery! I’ve been to Toronto but never Calgary. I lived in Europe for a couple of years so I totally get missing the family.

  10. girlgonehealthy says :

    GORGEOUS picture of the mountains! Congrats on your 1 year! I just reached my 10 year away from home anniversary….and no matter what Texas will always be home! Wishing you a wonderful “New Year”!!

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