Don’t make me point at the cast.

Do you know what we take for granted? Everything! I’m getting pretty tired of this broken leg business.

fake it till you make it. my first time in real clothes in 3 weeks.

Sister thinks it is a good lesson in patiences for me.

I don’t know what it’s like, but for someone as antsy as you I can only imagine – her

Being on forced house arrest is absolute torture.

Thankfully, I got some great news on Thursday when I saw the surgeon: my owners can socialize me. Back to work, back to driving, back to seeing people. Sadly, not back to walking. I have two more weeks on crutches before I can start putting some weight back onto the leg. Then two weeks in a walking cast then a reassessment with the surgeon. By mid-September I hope to be cast-free. Just in time for my birthday and the snow here in Calgary.

I made the trip back to the cast clinic for the appointment, to get my staples removed from my leg and for more x-rays.

I’m bionic. A plate and six screws.

I love getting x-rays. Not because I finally figured out what the surgeon did to me, but for the fact every stranger I met during that time frame knows when my last menstrual cycle was and about my sex life. Am I using protection, you ask? Do you see the cast? That’s all the protection I need. Thanks very much. Yes, I’m sure I’m not pregnant. Don’t make me point to the cast again.

Besides being a man-repeller, my sleeping patterns are so thrown off, and every little task – going up stairs, taking a shower, etc. – is exhausting.

There is a bright side, though. I have zero appetite. I’m not hungry and the drugs are messing with my internal system.

The nurse fitting me for my air cast took a look at my leg and said, “You’re a size small…” I’m sure she said other things but by then I was zoned out. I wanted to cry out of happiness and tell her I loved her. Would it be weird to kiss her? – oh wait, cast – that was the nicest thing anyone had every said to me.

wow, I need my hair done.

Skinny leg AND only one chin? Why didn’t I break my leg sooner?! I’m sure I’m developing scurvy and I’m malnourished, but check me out!

Don’t tell grandma.

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11 responses to “Don’t make me point at the cast.”

  1. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is freaking amazing… I need to break my leg. You truly look hot- and those crutches could be the next big fashion accessory, thanks to you. I died laughing at the hospital knowing every inch of your existence- just wait until you’re pregnant. Absolutely zero sense of privacy, or shame.

  2. CultFit says :

    NICE!!! And welcome to the bionic plate club! This is where all the cool kids hang out … Take care and rest up. 😉

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      I feel special to be a cool kid. Does yours set off the detectors in the airport? I’m going to need a note from my doctor just incase.

      • CultFit says :

        We should share war stories sometime 🙂
        Usually I just point to the scars and they understand the situation and we end up sharing some more war stories from back in the day.
        Between the plate near my right eye (orbital bone), Some in my back (screws) and a couple in my ankle … Always a few stories to be told!

  3. getfitnaturally (@getfitchick) says :

    Glad to see you are healing quickly, keeping your sense of humor and looking great!

  4. Jenna says :

    I couldn’t imagine dealing with a broken leg, crutches, not going places etc. What a serious pain! So sorry, but am so happy you’ve got a bright attitude! Ur awesome! Spalove

  5. runwkate says :

    This cracked me up – maybe one minor benefit to the cast is making people laugh?!

  6. Debbish says :

    Hee hee… I bet you can’t even weigh yourself with the cast (to see how you are doing?!). Great that you’ve got your eating under control (in a big way by the sound of it!) given that you aren’t able to be as mobile!


    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Haha weigh myself? Why on earth would I want to make myself cry? Isn’t it funny that it is a “brag” to be not eating in this situation? I will definitely take it, though, knowing how easy it could be to turn to binge-trigger foods when I am alone, in pain, feeling blue, etc. Thanks, Deb.

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