Guest Post: Running sucks when you start, but soon it’s like crack.

Surprisingly, my leg hasn’t healed yet. What’s taking it so long?!

Before all this happened I made a few grand statements about getting back into running. I want a finisher’s medal. I participated, dammit!

I’m special, alright.

As part of a big SPA blog swap, one of my #SweatPink sisters is on the bloggy today sharing her love of running and says that it gets addicting. (I’m willing and waiting to be convinced)

Here’s Colleen’s story..

Oh, and make sure to pop over to TheChocolateMile to read my guest post for Colleen. To check out all the great SPA blog swap posts vist: Katie’s blog.

I’m a new runner. I entered the world of running in October 2011, and although I’ve run far distances since then, I am still a new runner. I still have the same aches and pains; I still have days when getting out of bed is not appealing. I love running, don’t get me wrong, but there are really days when it sucks. And I legitimately mean; it sucks.

I’m sure you can do a quick Google search and find every reason running is awful. Let me just present a few to you, and trust me, this can go on and on and on.

  1. Your legs hurt; for a long time. It’s not like you just start running and your legs automatically assimilate. Oh no my friends, that’s not how it goes. So be prepared.
  2. It takes time. Time that you have to fit in your day between work, school, family. Time that you could potentially use to sit on the couch and do nothing.
  3. When you start running and you can only make it around a track once, you kind of feel like a joke- or maybe that was just me. Even now after successfully running a half sometimes I feel like I’m just not running far enough for others to consider me a runner.

she’s crazy…I mean, she looks crazy happy! (Beer is a good choice!)

But the fact is, running can’t be all bad, I do it 5-6 days a week and on the off days I’m wishing I was out there. There are a lot of others in this boat too, so why do we torture ourselves? And yes, sometimes I really do consider running torture.

  1. It’s free therapy.
  2. No matter what distance- ½ mile, 1 mile, 30 miles- there is nothing quite as rewarding as running that last bit that has never been accomplished by you before.
  3. The feeling of being stronger every day.
  4. Bragging rights and the right to wear the cute running clothes and being able to say you actually run in them.
  5. The endorphins that carry you throughout the rest of the day are better than any cup of coffee I’ve ever had.
  6. It prevents all sorts of diseases and bad medical stuff.
  7. Strong legs, strong arms, strong abs.

Just like you Googled reasons for running being awful, I’m willing to bet you can Google; “Ways Running is Unhealthy”. And you should definitely not believe everything you read on the internet. Or, just an idea, throw on your running shoes and try it out for yourself! You won’t regret it!

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how cute is Colleen?


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5 responses to “Guest Post: Running sucks when you start, but soon it’s like crack.”

  1. Sarah C says :

    So true – I LOVE running, when injuries keep me from running I get anxious waiting to heal … but yes, sometimes it really does suck! Great (guest) post!

  2. sister says :

    Oh Colleen, you’re adorable, but I still think you’re crazy. I raise a skeptical eyebrow at your running….but you know, good for you. I’ll be sitting on my couch commending your efforts 😉

  3. jenna says :

    i was totally in the same boat! i hated running when i started, and then i completely fell in love! i think it’s so theraputic, and when i’m on my off day, i hate it! it’s such a great time to spend with God and nothing else. loving these blog swaps! SPA LOVE

  4. Katie Heddleston says :

    I hated running when I started and then fell in love with it! Now I’m working on finding the mojo again as I’m 5 months postpartum. I’ve had mostly crappy runs with some great runs thrown in between – those great runs remind me how much I love it and why I keep going back for more — soon they will mostly ALL be great (I hope!)

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