Skinny leg syndrome.

I survived.


You know it’s been a struggle for me when I’m quiet on Twitter.

Friday was rough for me. I’m a sensitive girl (read: I cry a lot) as it is, but without family here it was a lot worse. No one should have to deal with surgery sans family.

Thankfully, I have great friends that put together great care packages.

Yes, that would be a plant, a “it’s a girl” balloon aka replacement foot, and a box of magnum condoms. Thanks, Martin. Too bad no one wants to make out with the girl in the cast. Right, Katey?!

I laughed, a lot, when they came to visit. Very helpful as I wasn’t good drugged.

In the OR it turns out they gave me more morphine than my body could handle and it cause my lungs to fail. My oxygen levels weren’t where they should be and I spent three hours in post-op being monitored instead of the usual one hour. I was beyond drugged. It was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt. I’m just glad I recovered and I wasn’t the emergency call like they thought.

I’m still not 100% sure all what happened in surgery since if the orthopedic surgeon visited me I don’t remember due to drugs. The fracture and ligaments are repaired I’m sure. I’m back in a partial cast so I can’t see the incision.

I’m living on the couch and crutching back and forth when I have the energy to, which is not often. I’m sure all the Percocet and T3s are causing liver damage so I’m trying to eat even though I’m not hungry.

Grandma knows me too well. Sent me this goodies basket since she is worried I’m not eating. Jokes on her, I had chocolate covered pretzels for breakfast after this arrived. Breakfast of champions.

The pain is manageable with the drugs, but the rest of my body hurts from laying on the couch, and using crutches. My right leg and butt will be super muscular from all the one leg squats I’ve been doing and I’m excited about the skinny leg that is already forming under this cast. How do I make the right one match without breaking it?!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes here and on twitter, text, email, etc.

If I had a hard cast I’d love you to sign it.


Love, Milpool


9 responses to “Skinny leg syndrome.”

  1. Jenna says :

    Awh! I’m so glad that things ended up ok even after the medicine overload! Hang in there and take advantage of the rest and relax time!!! SPALove!

  2. Mindy @Road Runner Girl says :

    So glad everything went well! Hope the recovery is fast! SPA love!

  3. Debbish says :

    Consider this is virtual cast-signing from the other side of the world… Rest up and take care. You’ll be back on your feet (literally I guess!!!) in no time.


  4. Elle says :

    Hope you start to feel a little better each day! My thoughts are with you 🙂

  5. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Hahahahahah oh my God, I don’t want to laugh. But that care package combined with Milpool was so freaking funny. How can you be this fabulous while in a hospital bed?? I should have known better, you are 100% of the time. I am currently signing your cast.

  6. Sonja says :

    Milpool…love it! Hope your recovery gets better every day! We’re thinking about you in Toronto!

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