Hair down there.

Have you heard of Julyna? It’s the women’s version of Movember to raise money for cervical cancer research by styling and designing pubic hair.

This shit is weird! While I believe the relationship with your waxer is one of the most important a woman can have, it’s not to do this!

Now that July is over, women everywhere can go back to their normal vajay styles if they were…hmm brave…enough to sport one of the above styles.

It really got me thinking.  The topic of pubic hair is a rather sensitive subject – literally, if you’ve ever had a wax – but how do you decide what goes on down there?

There are so many factors to take into consideration. He may encourage you to leave a landing strip, but Smith Jerrod likes a full bush, and every porn you’ve seen leaves nothing to the imagination. And you? Well, you’re just confused.

Plenty of research has been done on the topic but instead of referencing the old, I did my own investigation. Some of my closest male friends talked down and dirty in the name of s&s original research.

Males aged 24-45 from across Canada and the United States were surveyed and the results? They like it bare. While I ran into one gent liking, “Trim and clean. Short but some.”, and two who had no preference at all, I found no one that preferred a full bush. (Yes, I do believe he’s out there somewhere, but I didn’t talk to him.)

The good news? Only one said that bush was a deal breaker.  While the rest of the fellas would rather not encounter hair, they wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal if you have some growth. The common concern among the group was having their oral adventures impeded. It’s never sexy to pull a stray hair from your mouth while lost in the moment.

My handsome friends would rather you take it off, and a fictional character from Sex and the City wants you to keep it all, the most important person to focus on here is you.

Though it may be my preference, I still wouldn’t suggest a Brazilian for everyone – especially those with a low pain tolerance. And if you have sensitive skin, I’d suggest trimming over waxing or shaving because of the irritation and chance of ingrown hairs. Some ladies see a full bush as womanly, while others find it unhygienic. A Brazilian can feel childlike, or you can appreciate it for its tidiness.

It’s about what’s right for you.

More fun stuff! Did a guest post today for my #SweatPink girl, Amanda. Go check it out: Five Tips to Loving Yoga.


4 responses to “Hair down there.”

  1. Y is for Yogini says :

    okay, those graphical representations of…hairstyles…are amazing. 😀

  2. Krista* says :

    Hahaha, wow. Good job on doing research on such a taboo topic! I can say that I’ve never heard of Julyna before… and kind of glad I haven’t. Haha. I sure hope ladies out there aren’t comparing their… whiskers…

  3. JenT says :

    So, I guess it’s okay if we ladies are pulling stray hairs from our mouths while lost in the moment…..??

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