Positively lovely.

Keeping in the theme of warm fuzzies and positivity, I’ve got a guest post for you. My sister and her blog of favourite things keeps me smiling when I am feeling low.

Check her out: allison’s favourite things.

Twitter describes me as “sarcastic. fast crusher. lax lover. car singer. list maker. magazine flipper. coffee sipper. snuggler.” I’m all those things.  I’m also a bit of a negative Nancy, grass-is-always-greener kinda gal, and a wee bit of a pessimist, I mean realist.  I keep it real.  Fine, I’m a pessimist.

Have you opened a newspaper lately? Scanned the headlines online? Watched the 11 o’clock news? It’s sad, it’s depressing, it makes me wonder about the kind of people in our world.  Why doesn’t anyone seem to write about good things anymore? And boom – a blog was born.

Inspired by my lovely sister and reading 1000 awesome things, I started sharing my favourite (and sometimes not my favourite) things with whoever wanted to read about them.

Postcards, singing in the car, lazy weekends, baseball, whiskers on kittens, sister trips, Buddy Holly, boys with big hearts – these are a few of my favourite things.

Do I still have bad days? Oh hells yes I do. Often.  I’ve slept through my alarm on days I have meetings, cried when the “check battery” light came on in my car, moped when I realized my contract wasn’t being extended (this may have all happened in the last 5 days).  On those days I have ice cream for dinner, cause friends, ice cream does in fact make bad days better (unless you’re lactose intolerant, in that case, I’m sorry).

Pick favourites and remind yourself of the little things, the simple things every day that make you smile.

What keeps you smiling?

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