Healthy, hippie life.

For those of you who are still trying to get to know me, I’ll give you a bit of an inside scoop about a few things.

I started blogging over two years ago to help me recover from a pretty nasty ankle injury. I was consumed with healthy living blogs and my rehab. It was a very intense summer of clean eating, physio, yoga and craziness. Because of that first blog I found the Twitter chat #fitblog, and in turn many of my favourite blog friends.

I also work for a powerhouse company that owns three different chains of gyms. I have three free gym memberships, write and edit a health and fitness magazine, and am surrounded by all things fitness day-in and day-out. Personal trainers, nutritionists, everyone is drinking the kool-aid. (That is if kool-aid was healthy)

So with that I must admit: the gym and I are on a break. We haven’t broken up, we just need some time apart.

I can’t wrap my head about weight training, or running (even though I want a race medal) or anything of the sort.

When I first started losing the activity passion, I jumped into planning mode knowing it’s what I “should” be doing. Scheduling workouts and meal prep became consuming and were driving me mad.

There is more to my healthy life than the gym. While I do know that physical fitness is a good part of the healthy pie chart, I am much more focused on my mental and emotional health right now.

(teacup pig)

Embracing my hippie roots handed down to me from the mother, I’m sweating with yoga, walking more places, smiling, sitting in the grass, and soaking up plenty of sunshine.

I’m letting myself be consumed with positivity instead of meal plans and training schedules.

Sometimes you just need to go with the flow. Now would be that flow.

Have you stepped back for a bit? How did you reflect and get back to it?


7 responses to “Healthy, hippie life.”

  1. lianne says :

    Good for you Laura! Can’t wait to do some of those hippie activities with you when I get to AB! Xo

  2. EmilyS says :

    Stepping back from the gym, running and my usual Thursday night butt kick with Katy, because I’m “with child” has been a huge adjustment. At first I missed the adrenaline and the feeling of the day-after-burn, but now I feel that I may have been missing out on the glory of taking it easy and enjoying the lighter side of exercise…like a good walk along the beach, a restorative yoga class or just an extra nap. We all need a break, but the most important thing we need is to give ourselves permission to take that break and NOT feel guilty. Life is not always an uphill battle, sometimes we get to kick out feet out and enjoy the freedom of coasting downhill!

  3. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    This is wise beyond your young years!!! I have some days when I think man, if I wasn’t paid to be working out right now, would I be? I have definitely stepped back since becoming pregnant-walking is my form of cardio, and I’m begnning to enjoy it. Before I thought it as a chore it took so long to complete! I say good on you- discovering other ways to be healthy is just as, if not more important than dragging your butt to the gym.

  4. Alex (@alexbridgeforth) says :

    Have you stepped back for a bit? – Yea, I’m taking a two week break from running and Crossfit for my MCL. It flared up pretty bad and I want to make sure its good to go.

    How did you reflect and get back to it? – I thing I do like you and plan and just try to listen to my body.

  5. Debbish says :

    Great approach Laura. I’ve stopped trying to do exercise I think I ‘should’ do and am focussing on doing exercise I enjoy now. (I have a long way to go on the eating front… but small steps…)

  6. Colleen says :

    When you lose sight of what you’re doing and why then stepping back and taking a new approach is fantastic. Good for you for realizing this and I hope you are able to find peace and happiness.

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