Ladies, all the ladies. Louder now. Help me out.

I hope you all remember Bri from February, my virtual best friend who shared how she became a runner. I still think she’s crazy. Who runs for fun?! Have I mentioned I’m looking to sign up for my next race? ONLY if a medal is included. Sparkly things, bitches!

Back to the point, you remember her? Good! Well in exchange for her fantastic and motivational writing, I wrote pure smut to post on her blog. It’s only fair, right?

After a month of apprehension, she got drunk enough to think it was a good idea to make my post live. Smart girl.

It was inspired by a twitter conversation with Krista about how much we love a man in uniform.

OHHHH, Canada!

I’m not going to spoil it. Just go READ IT, will ya? And leave Briana some blog love pretty please.

Side note, this post was written before Magic Mike was even a thing. Male strippers is my idea, not theirs. Okay, maybe not mine…


One response to “Ladies, all the ladies. Louder now. Help me out.”

  1. Mindy @Road Runner Girl says :

    Sign up for that race! It’s all about the bling! 🙂

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