Welcome to the main event.

It’s that time of year again, where everyone breaks out their western wear and embraces their make believe country roots. It’s Stampede!

For the record, it’s YAHOO!

A damn shame, too. This city girl likes YEEHAW – she also fears country music, plaid if it isn’t hipster plaid, and cowboy hats.

Why did I choose Calgary, again?

It’s funny to walk around downtown today and see everyone dressed to the nines in their finest Canadian Tuxedos (that’s all denim, for those unaware of the term).

when Brit and Justin visited Stampede. kidding!

Though the shiny belt buckles don’t quite do it for me, one thing I have embraced is boots.

Yes, those turquoise and tan beauties are all mine. Fashion boots if you’ve ever seen them.

my pups, Riley.

These photos were taken as part of a Stampede style contest I entered. I didn’t win. Some dude did. He was pretty hipster. What’s the world coming to?

Photo credit to sister on all of them. She tried to make me look my best. Coming from someone who has mastered the selfie – it’s a tough job.

sitting in the grass has to be one of my favourite things to do.

The bestie gets in from Toronto tonight and we have some Stampeding to do! With her, everything is fun.

I’m off to cowboy up!

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