These three things.

Last week I was invited to the inaugural event at the ING DIRECT café in downtown Calgary. The very orange space on 6th and 6th, was having a tweet and meet with a grand theme. Mayor Nenshi’s Three Things for Calgary was the focal point of the panel discussion and one lucky speaker got to donate $3,333 to the charity of their choice if they collected the most twitter votes. (Yes, that’s why I kept tweeting #OrangeforYYC1)

Go Team Diabetes!

I won’t lie; I went into the event completely blind. Oh right, the Three Things for Calgary campaign?! I know nothing about that.

Research time.

The campaign asks all Calgarians to:

  1. Think about 3 Things you can do to make Calgary better.  These things could be for your street, your neighbourhood or for the entire city.
  2. Do those 3 Things.
  3. Encourage 3 more people to do the same.

Now we’re all caught up. Good.

The delicious food, great atmosphere, tasty beer, and the name tag that just didn’t want to stay put made it a fun event, but what really topped it off was the fantastic conversation I was able to have.

Now that’s a 3.

I was fortunate to be able to catch up with Jaime and have very honest and creative conversation. He is also a hugger, my favourite. I enjoy listening to his point of view – I suggest you see him speak or at least follow him on Twitter.

I am thankful I got to meet Jonathan, and can’t wait to pop into the Calgary Café to catch up every so often. He has great ideas and a very kind smile.

The conversation that really blew me away was with Peter, CEO of ING DIRECT, or the Social CEO as he is known around the interweb.

I’ve been to numerous talks where the CEO, COO, celebrity, guest speaker, etc. is kept in a back room until it is time for them to talk, then after answering a few moderated questions they are ushered away from the crowd. Peter? Came up to me and introduced himself. We chatted social media, travel, family (his), and life. He cracked jokes, laughed at mine, and wanted to get to know everyone, everything, and was open to all different views from the event. He’s just a dude, an interesting one at that.

Authenticity is so important. Peter reconfirmed that.

Since it was the theme, I guess I have to pick my three things:

  1. Give this city a chance – it’s different, will never be Toronto, so I’m going to stop comparing (out loud?)
  2. Give back – I love doing charity work and volunteering, so why not do more of it?
  3. Explore more – find all the great things and interesting nooks the city has to offer, and share them with everyone

I started putting my “things” into action this weekend by volunteering at Market Collective, the best darn monthly market you’ve ever witnessed. Then I spent more time in Kensington – as I will fondly refer to as the hipster village. I really love Higher Ground Cafe. It’s a 100% organic spot with free wifi, tons of tables and electrical outlets, and the best Chai I’ve had in this city. It’s my remote office, and much more of a creative space than my actual office.

What would your Three Things be? Who has your favourite conversation been with lately?

p.s. You are awesome. I believe in you. Make something happen today.

2 responses to “These three things.”

  1. Jonathan Glover (@jonathandglover) says :

    Such a great blog and view of the event. Your experience was exactly what I wanted to accomplish when I dreamed this up a few months back. Thanks Laura, good luck with your 3Things for Calgary…and stop by anytime for a coffee and my kind smile!

  2. Jaime Stein (@jaimestein) says :

    Thanks for the kind words Laura. I’m glad you could come out to our event and help support 3Things for Calgary. Make sure to take Jonathan up on his offer to visit the Cafe – if anything, you can converse with him; a passionate city builder. Cheers!!

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