It’s going to get sweaty.

I’m pretty sure none of you really care about my yearly and monthly goals. Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh. You may care, but it is kind of boring, and as promised in May, I’d be less of that.

Instead of the typical goal recap post, and goal setting post I bring you the best of May and the mission for June all in one place.

In summary, I got sassy, I drank water, I enjoyed Vancouver.

Most importantly, I had wicked-pretty hair all month.

If you haven’t checked out The Small Things Blog for hair tutorials yet, you’re missing out. That girl knows pretty hair!

For June, I’ll visit the family and friends in Toronto. I’ll continue to write here, for BHD, a few guest posts, and whatever else may come up. My only real concrete goal for June is the plan to have really ugly hair, completely on purpose. I entered into a yoga challenge with myself. As many classes as I can make, hopefully daily, and leave it all – sweat and emotion – on my mat.

Getting back into yoga has been a challenge so far, there is a good deal of tightness in the injured hamstring and hip. Slowly but surely I’ll work it all out.

I’ll be flowing at Yoga Passage for at least the next eight weeks (they have a rad special on right now). It’s a new studio for me, but the place is beautiful, it is pretty conveniently located downtown, and they offer a wide range of classes. I will get to a Kundalini class if it kills me. Talk about getting out of my element.


2 responses to “It’s going to get sweaty.”

  1. Elle says :

    I love your pretty, pretty hair! Good luck on your yoga challenge 🙂

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