And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then.

I am very thankful that the only addictions I suffer from are to chai lattes, staring at cute men, pretty things, and clever words. Part of my heart breaks for those suffering with serious problems.

At the beginning of the month I went to see Love Lies Bleeding, a piece created by Alberta Ballet based on the story of Elton John’s life, featuring some of his best songs.

As you can probably guess, this wasn’t your typical ballet. Tutus and buns were replaced with sequins, spandex and leather studded g-strings.

Photo Credit: Don Lee/Alberta Ballet

Most importantly, the rock concert disguised as a ballet stripped down barriers and told the truth.

It focused on fame, drug abuse, and homosexuality. It told Elton’s story about dealing with the constant pressure of young stardom, his cocaine addiction and how he confronted his inner demons and was true to himself and his sexuality.

Photo Credit: Roy Heale/Alberta Ballet

I loved it and how forward it was. It was slightly raunchy, and pushed a lot of boundaries. It was everything I could have hoped it would be, and much much more.

The mix of roller blades and boas were still very much complemented by fantastic choreography and extremely talented dancers. This piece really highlights the beauty and strength that is the male ballet dancer. I was completely blown away.

Photo Credit: Don Lee/Alberta Ballet

I’m really glad this piece didn’t try to be PC or polite. And I’m glad it fought against heterosexism. Can we work on racism and sexism next?

I would see this many more times and suggest you buy a ticket, as close as possible (we were 4th row), if it is ever near you.Make sure to bring your favourite boa, sparkly glasses, or fun hat. The audience sure goes all out for the performance.


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