Remember when we used to play?

On Saturday I celebrated my friend Leah’s upcoming wedding Albertan style.

We shot guns!

When we arrived at the range I was nervous as hell. I didn’t like the idea of guns, and still don’t. In the hands of the wrong people they are very dangerous and can cause bad to happen. I am also a very jumpy person and was worried how I would react with the sound, the other people in the range, and if anyone touched me. Also, I was holding a weapon and am very clumsy.

Turns out I’m a bit of a badass!

In a controlled environment, I like to shoot guns. A 9mm and a glock, to be exact.

lethal blonde.

Our range officer, Paul, was pretty impressed with my shot. So was I. He knew I was “tickled pink”, as he put it, to keep loading the magazine and fire off a few more rounds.

Our group of eight all had a great time, but I think I was the only one that really like-liked it. It is a nervous and scary experience. You have to have a lot of trust in the gun, in yourself and in your officer.

A very unique bachelorette, indeed, and true cowboy style.

Or was that Charlie’s Angel style?!

My late uncle John, a true cowboy from Texas, would be so proud. I slipped on my first pair of boots yesterday and stomped it out in memory of him.

Go and listen to “Bang Bang” by Cher. It’s the tune/title of this post.


2 responses to “Remember when we used to play?”

  1. Elle Hattan (@ElleHattan) says :

    This is such a fun idea! I’m glad you had a good time! P.S your hair looks gorgeous in the pics!

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