Waiting game.

Good morning, loves!
I’m waiting at Gate A11, ready to take off for my trip to Vancouver. I cannot wait to explore the city, and am even more excited to see sister again!


Side note, if you stand over the hand dryer when taking a selfie, you get that wind blown look. Sadly, I didn’t capture it at its finest, and people were coming into the bathroom. With the epidemic of bloggers, you’d think the general public would be more accepting of selfies.


Breakfast on the go: green juice and a Cliff bar. I’m too sleepy to eat at the moment, and all I want is coffee, but I’ll shove some nutrients into me since it’s the smart thing to do.

Also, go see Five-Year Engagement. It was funny. Went last night with Katey and Rebecca, and even though we had a major case of the giggles already, the flick was a goodie.




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