Styled for Success

Last Wednesday, I got an invite to the Young Women of Influence’s Evening Series to see Aritiza COO Jennifer Wong speak.

I opted for vintage and curls for the chic event.

While we waited for Jennifer to speak, attendees got to mingle, check out all the displays and drink some delicious wine.

I settled in, two rows from the front, to take in everything Jennifer had to say.

Her story captivated me right away since it is almost the exact opposite of mine (not also including the fact that she’s rich and successful, and I’m, well, not.) She’s worked at one company her entire adult life, and I’m a bit more…breezy.

One thing we do have in common is our ability to set lofty but realistic goals. In the 90s she told the CEO of Aritizia that she’d be a strategic partner. A few weeks ago, I told my manager my rather insane made up future job. I can only hope to follow Jennifer’s lead.

She spoke on numerous topics, but what stood out the most were her very simple pieces of business advice:

  • Have confidence in what you know you know
  • Gather your facts
  • Figure out what you aren’t communicating about your abilities

She also mentioned the importance of finding a mentor, or a few, one at a higher level, and a peer at your same level to give different points of view.

Great advice, now where do I find these people? Are you there, mentor? It’s me Laura. Come find me.

She finished up with questions from the audience before the group was split into four.

Group D, baby!

I got to network with these lovely ladies. We all had such diverse backgrounds, it was fantastic to meet them all.

Working in male dominated, and appearance-driven fields my entire career, it was refreshing to interact with such powerful females. When you set a bunch of inspired women free, you never know what will happen.


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