A little housekeeping.

Weekends should always include house parties, spandex, and a slip n’ slide in a second-floor apartment.

oh, hello.

Wine-a-palooza, you were a hit!

The week has already exploded with fantastic things, starting with yesterday’s guest post over on Samantha’s blog: Running and Cupcakes.

Go over and say hello:

Flirting with 30: Improving Yourself is Always in Fashion

It’s the continuation to my 30 for 30 post from last week. I’m pretty…um, pretty uplifting…it will make your Tuesday, promise.

While I was at it, I also updated my Featured page. Added a few new places where you can find me around the blog world.

Want to work with me? Drop me a line or email me at laura@scribblesandsass.com.

Think I want to redesign the bloggy again. Thoughts? Help? I think it needs more white space.

What else? Hmm…can’t wait for #WOIWong tomorrow. Got my blog business cards just in time. I’ll have to snap a few photo, they are super cute. Thanks, moo!

Phew, is it time for Vancouver, yet?!

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