It’s an honour.

Did you know I’m a young, influential woman? The organizers at Young Women Of Influence sure do, and Wednesday night there is a whole event about it.

It’s a bit strange, though, they got my name and photo wrong.

Wait! You mean it’s not about me at all?

I guess if it had to be about someone else, Jennifer Wong is a great choice. After starting as a part-time sales associate at the age of 18, Jennifer rose to the ranks of COO and is a driving force at Aritiza.

I really look forward to the WOI events yearly. Being surrounded with like-minded females really gets my creativity stirring. After working in sports for the last number of years, I was lucky enough to be invited to, or help organize, the Toronto luncheons honouring female university student-athletes, with guest speakers: Olympic wrestler Tonya Verbeek, ballerina Karen Kain, and tennis all-star Venus Williams.

It was such an inspiration to listen to these powerful women, but I’m not an athlete and I don’t want to be a professional athlete. Like Jennifer, I’m a business woman with an entrepreneurial spirit; I’m sure her story will spark fireworks.

Plus: fashion, inspiration and wine! Who could ask for anything more?

There are still tickets up for grabs, so join me on Wednesday night at The Westin Calgary. Order yours here. Are you going? Look for me there. I’ll be the sassy blonde one. Can’t wait to meet you young Calgary powerhouses!

3 responses to “It’s an honour.”

  1. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    You should be the one with the honour! I’m on my way. I’m sure my principal would fly me out on a private jet.

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