Throwing down the wildcard.

As predicted, the rain has not let up now that we’re in the month of May. Dreary weather is all that’s in the forecast for Calgary this week.


You actually saw that right. They’re calling for snow on Thursday. (?!?!***$%^#) Yes, snow.

Needless to say, I’ve been less than sparkly in all of this grey. It takes a few great things to break an overcast mood in overcast weather. Thank goodness for my friends, a slew of projects, and a few new shades of lipstick from MAC to try out.

Before getting too ahead of myself, I need to set my goals for May. I was without any in March, and that turned out to be a horrible month. We will not be repeating that!

So from Starbucks, sipping on green juice, I leave you with what I’m working on:


Do not book anything. I have to follow the daydreaming goal this month since I booked two trips last month. I’m going to dream of Hawaii, and the numerous ways I can get there on someone else’s dime.


I’m cleared by my physiotherapist to try low impact yoga. No power flow for me, but a great hatha class is calling my name. I’m going to at least five yoga classes this month. Katey and I have a groupon for Beyond Yoga, so we’ll have to scout out the schedule to see the best classes for us. Looks like Thursday will be the first class.


This is where I apologize to you, dear s&s reader. As my blog spam told me last week, I’m getting boring. I’ll admit it. I’ve been a little dry here and giving the best of it to my freelance work. That’s no excuse, and in May I’m putting the “ass” back into scribbles&sass.  You’re welcome!


May = Speed Dating. We’re actually doing it this time. I’ve had enough of internet dating. I shut down my POF account yesterday, and had a pretty fiery text conversation with the last of the internet boys today. That’s done with…after one last Twitter dig. I declare an impasse! #asshole


Water. Lots and lots of water. It is something that is so important, but it is also lacking for me day-to-day. I’ll drink at least two quarts of water a day during work hours, and one outside of work hours.


A new addition to the 2012 goal list, ah yes. I like a wildcard, it keeps me on my toes, and if the MLB could introduce a second wildcard, then I can spring one without notice. This month, I’ll strive to style my hair every day. No thoughtless ponytails or buns, though coiffed ones are more than acceptable. I’m turning to Pinterest on this one to help me find some cute new ‘dos. I’ve recently discovered The Small Things Blog and her million hair styles.

like this one.

This will be a fun challenge..but definitely a challenge!

What do you have going on for May?


One response to “Throwing down the wildcard.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Holy moly. Like over half of the hair styles I’ve pinned have apparently been from The Small Things Blog! I can’t wait to check out more of the blog!!

    Great goals! 🙂 I’m with ya on the Bikini Goal. Me and H2O need to get reacquainted…

    P.S. Ya.. The rain/snow. WTF.

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