Bring May flowers.

I can’t believe it is the last day of April. Why is time going so fast?

Let's be serious, in Calgary it's probably May snow.

Time to check in on my April goals.


So I went from daydreaming at the beginning of the month, to booking two trips by the end of the month. Over Victoria Day long weekend sister and I will be in Vancouver, and in mid-June I’ll be heading back to Toronto to visit friends and family. If you’re in either city and want to see me, drop me a line:

Focus on the few poses I can do that will help with my rehab to stretch out and strengthen my hamstring.

I’ve been stretching and introducing new poses. I’m happy to brag that I’ve been cleared to start yoga again. Very gently, of course, but still get to go to classes. I have to be careful of twists because of my hip, and positions like pigeon or eagle because of my hamstring.

I will blog at least 10 times over the course of the month.

This is post number 10. Right on the button!

April = speed dating.

That didn’t happen, but we’ve got our eyes set on a date in May. Instead, I got annoyed with my online dating account and decided to delete it.

I will eat breakfast at home at least five days a week.

hahahahah! Yeah, this one didn’t happen. I did make breakfast more than normal, but it didn’t quite add up.

Overall, I think April was a good month for goals, and in general a much better month than March.

Bring it on May! I’m ready for you.


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