Imagine what is possible.

I’m only leaving you with one thought today before I re-post one of my favourite articles circa 2007(-ish?):

“Imagine what is possible for your future if you realize it is not determined by your past.” – Laura Bridgman

photo credit: Laura Bridgman


Written by Tricia Prange, regional trainer, lululemon athletica:

Yesterday morning while I was packing my bag for work something incredible happened. I began my day, as I normally do, running around the house finding everything I need. I pack my lunch and two snacks to give me energy throughout the day. I pack my water bottle because “WATER FLUSHES UNWANTED TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY AND KEEPS YOUR BRAIN SHARP.” And as a Regional Trainer, my brain needs to be sharp…very sharp.

I pack my cell phone and I bring along my computer so I can work on the Subway. That reminds me, I bring my “metro pass.” I pack my book, so I can de-compress on the ride home. I pack my running shoes to wear on the floor. Just before I am about to leave, I remember it’s Friday and time again for my favorite 5 pm Silent Moksha Yoga class. I run up the stairs and grab my trusty Power Y (4 years old), VBT Shorts (Vintage) and my Super Natural Yoga Mat (best grip ever). I do all this packing in about 15 minutes, and head out the door saying the same thing I do morning “I really should have packed the night before.”

I get into the elevator feeling a little heavy, almost as if today I had over packed. Convinced there must be something in the bottom of my bag left over from yesterday I go through my bag once again, and then it hit me. I have felt a little bit heavy almost every morning lately. I then I saw it. Sitting somewhere between my laptop and my lunch were pieces of my past, unresolved and weighing me down. Every single day I fill my bag with everything I need to go out into the world and be the best me I can be, never stopping to notice what else I was carrying around.

It has been approximately a year and a half since I attended Landmark. During the forum I had a difficult time recognizing the role my past played in my future. I felt complete, nothing to resolve, and free to create anything. Or so I thought.

Later that night when I got home, I unpacked my bag. I unpacked my 5th grade gym teacher who told me I would never be fast enough to compete in track and field meet. I unpacked my anger toward my ex-boyfriend who left me after 4 years for someone else. I unpacked my Great Aunt who last summer had told me I had “really gained a few.” And finally I unpacked not being good enough. An act I have been living for far too long.

The next morning I woke up and began packing my bag as usual. I went through my checklist: lunch for energy…check, water to flush toxins…check, cell phone, laptop, metro pass and book to decompress…check, Running shoes for the floor…check, yoga mat… check. Unresolved bits of my past resulting in mediocre life and predicable future… no thanks.


One response to “Imagine what is possible.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Wow. This is amazing! Thanks Laura, I really needed to read this right now 🙂

    I think I need to go through my life bag!

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