Back on the table.

That’d be the physiotherapist’s table.

I left out a bit of Sunday when I told you all about my first Power of Movement with the Chakra Khans.

Let’s get one thing straight. I’m a klutz. I’ve talked about it numerous times before. I spill drinks on people, I fall over randomly, walk into things…

Thanks for the ice, weird EMS dude.

…injure myself.

In the middle of Sunday’s mega session, I twisted the wrong way and managed to strain my right hamstring at the muscle insertion (behind the knee).

We were rolling to the right side to take side plank..


The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before. I was immediately done for, couldn’t bend my leg and had to sit and watch while everyone else enjoyed the last part of class.

I’ve been icing and resting and stretching and elevating. Physio tells me it will be a week or two without any physical activity (…never tell me I can’t do something) and up to six weeks till the pain is gone.

I’ve heard this 4-6 weeks business before with my ankle, and we’re closing in on two years. Granted, more complications came up after the swelling went down and we figured out what was actually wrong with it.

Back to current day, we’re again waiting for the swelling to go down to fully assess. We know for sure about the hamstring, but we might be adding on MCL damage.

No matter what is wrong with me, I like this physiotherapist a lot. After two sessions she’s impressed me. While moving around both my legs trying to get a better understanding of my normal range of motion and pain levels, she grabbed hold of my left ankle and automatically gave me a strange look.

“When did you injure your ankle?” – her

“Two years ago. How do you know it’s hurt?” – me

“It’s loose and you’re missing a ligament.” – her

“You have my undying respect.” – me

Impressive as hell. She just held onto my ankle and could tell what was up.

Now, someone go for a run for me.

3 responses to “Back on the table.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Umm… Ouch?! That sucks lady. Hope you feel better soon! Take it easy!!

    I’ll go run for you 😉

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