Queens of Funk.

On Sunday, March 4 I took to my yoga mat along with thousands of other Canadians to support arthritis research. I am a very proud Power of Movement Ambassador.

I also had the badest mother-yogi team you’ve ever seen.

The Chakra Khans

We’re every woman. We were fierce and got in touch with our inner diva. The Khans are the biggest fan of the Solar Plexus Chakra – yellow – representing self-confidence and ego power.

Our team of six was ready to conquer a morning of yoga – (Katy and Emily, who took part in the Toronto Mega Session, were our honorary members – I’ll need to send tie-dye in the mail.)

The Calgary Mega Session took part in Eau Claire Market, and hosted over 120 people.

We moved and grooved for a 90 minute class taught by two wonderful women, Kim McNeil and Simone Hodgkinson.

I love Warrior II so damn much.

The Chakras looked exceptionally hot in our shirts all lined up.

It was eerie to hear nothing but the instructor in the busy market. Silent students and a calm forrest of trees.


Yoga is really for anyone – I preach that often, because it is true – and it really showed on Sunday. Moms and kids, men, women, old, young, and us mid-20s masters. Any skill level, from those who can’t touch their toes, to those who can stand on their hands.

Child's pose.

Plant your hands.

Downdog...captured from between my legs.

I loved sharing my practice with the hundred strangers, but mostly loved having the five ladies who have made the biggest impact in my life over the last six months lined up beside me. They have supported my passions, encouraged me to get back in the dance studio, made me laugh..hard, got me reading again in book club, and told me to stay put in Calgary, and many other things….over and over again.

What great souls.

Katey, Rebecca, Mary, Laura and Brooke: Thank you.

The biggest takeaways from the event? People are nice. I really need to teach yoga.

the end.


7 responses to “Queens of Funk.”

  1. breedlovehoops says :

    That looks like a wonderful experience. I have always had a love/hate relationship with yoga. I think I would enjoy it more in a group setting.

  2. Rebecca says :

    My first scribbles & sass reading and certainly not my last!
    Thank you so much for Sunday – what a great experience! Get better soon…I need my dancing buddy back 😉

  3. Karin says :

    Wow, that yoga session looked fun, and amazing. What a great turnout of people.

  4. Y is for Yogini says :

    This is very cool! So many happy, smiling faces. 🙂

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