Over so soon.

So much going on this week, and BAM! hit with the flu on Saturday with no time to take a sick day. I’m struggling but almost better.

been sporting my Rose Quarts Tiny Devotions Mala around my neck, soaking in as much love as I can this week.

I can’t believe that it is March; due to vacation time the 29 days of February sailed past me. Life really does travel faster as you get older.

Time to reflect on last month’s goals.


1. Enjoy my first trip, plan my second.

Done and um…. I had a fantastic time in Saint Simons Island enjoying the beach and the sun, but I’ve yet to set in stone the second. I have my mind set on Vancouver, but I can’t pull the trigger on it for some reason.

Then I got this:

Maybe my plans have to change and I need to go somewhere tropical instead?


2. Have three people join my PoM team.

I have two signed up and one that says she is coming. I am very excited for my first Power of Movement event on Sunday. I am very proud to be an ambassador.


3. Have an article/essay published on Thought Catalog

Did not even submit a thing. Good news is I’ve set up another writing project, but I’ll announce that when it’s ready to be.


4. Complete #FebPhotoADay.

I took 28 of the 29 photos because we do not have any bathroom cabinets to photograph the inside of.

I also adore anything that lets me photograph my pretty shoes.

5. Wear lipstick everyday. 

This one was so much fun. I love makeup. I own a lot of makeup. I just rarely wear it. Everything is a bit brighter with a colourful lip. I found myself dressing nicer, and even wearing heels.

4 responses to “Over so soon.”

  1. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    First: that mala bead necklace is gorgeous, as are you. Second: I love your lipstick. Third: I NEED THOSE SHOES. That is all.

  2. Laura @joyful shimmy says :

    Love these goals. I think I’m borrowing the wear lipstick everyday for April. I have started to wear makeup this past month and having fun making it a fun ritual. So perhaps setting it as a fun goal to do can be a good fun challenge.

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