Spread a little love.

Over the last week and a half, I’ve had 10 fantastic writers (and people!) write here while I enjoyed my vacation time.

Just in case you missed any of them, here is the entire list:

Midnight train to Georgia, by Allison (blog and twitter)

Don’t be such a tight ass, by Kevin (twitter)

What snowboarding taught me about dating, by Kathryn (blog and twitter)

How to be single on Valentine’s, by Elle (blog)

I see France, by Carly (blog and twitter)

My addiction keeps me motivated, by Krista (blog and twitter)

Good looking sweaty dudes running around in shorts, by Teddy (twitter)

Double dare you, by Briana (blog and twitter)

Blonde by choice, by Emily (blog and twitter)

Being hated, by Kyle (twitter)

Make sure to play favourites! …and tell them who sent ya 😉


One response to “Spread a little love.”

  1. EmilyS says :

    We missed you Laura….but thanks for sharing all of these awesome peopel with us!

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