Guest Post: Blonde by choice.

Let me start off by informing you that I am extremely creepy.

You already know that? Good! You’ve been paying attention. Then my next comment won’t come to much surprise to you.

I have a big crush on today’s guest post’r, Emily from Spare Change.

She is the woman who is working tirelessly to make sure Power of Movement is the best darn event it can be. (shameless plug: to check out my ambassador profile, join or sponsor my team, click here).

Like I encourage you all to do, she blog/twitter stalked me thanks to my Fit in Heels darlin’, Katy, and got me involved in PoM. Poor love, didn’t know how overly crazy I am when it comes to events I’m taking part in! 

I got to meet Emily in Calgary last month, and have been planning ways to force her to be my friend ever since.

She’s funny! Enjoy.


When I was a teenager, my mother always told me…”you can do whatever you’d like with your hair….it’s just hair”. So naturally, I went and got a few holes in my ears (just piercings, not those things that stretch your lobes) and a tattoo.

No…not this much ink…my tiny little tattoo was SOOO painful that looking at images like this definitely make me a little nauseous!

Ok, so rebellion aside, I did play with my hair. I have been brunette…blonde with pink highlites…auburn with thick blonde streaks….black (which was done out of a box and turned more green than anything) and I have played with wigs that were short and black, sparkly and pink and other varieties for parties and Halloween events. It’s been long, short, curly, strait…even crimped! The point is…it is just hair…so why not have fun.

While I have been having “fun” with my hair…I have noticed that with my blonde hair comes some explanation. I get to explain to people that yes, I can read; yes, I have graduated high school; YES I HAVE A MASTERS DEGREE and yes, I am able to feed and bathe myself…all by myself! Let me explain…

When I was attending University in Victoria, BC, completing my Masters Degree, I worked in a running retail store…you can guess…but they don’t get free publicity from me! I was managing the store and going to school full-time, so yes, I was busy, but life was fun. I remember telling people that I was going to school, and pretty much every single person asked me if I was attending Camosun College. Nothing against the college…but really? No one guessed that I could tie my own shoes and get an MA? When I explained to them that I was doing my MA in Conflict Analysis and Management with a specialization in Organizational Development…they usually looked embarrassed, a little confused and in general changed the subject. For awhile, I felt like taking my BA and wearing it like a medal around my neck, like those people who work on corners in front of Pizza Pizza, trying to get people to come in.

“HEY, look at me…I’m SMRT!…I mean SMART”!!

Instead of doing this…I dyed my hair a deep, dark, chestnut-brown. I don’t have any photos of this transition…but let me tell you how my little social experiment worked out.

I NEVER had to explain my intelligence. I never got the “WOW, you can read AND write” look from people when I talked to them about what I was doing at school and I never felt like people were second guessing my math skills when I gave them change…although they should have been…my math skills are the worst!

So…my super non-scientific experiment taught me that people really do judge a book by it’s cover…and that they believe blonde’s are mostly soft covers. Again, no real proof, other than my 4 months as a brunette. I went back to blonde, because it’s my choice and I like being a blonde. I think that I make it look smart…what do you think?

p.s. more from me!

I can relate to this 100%…I was a brunette-beaut in my grad school days, too.

Unlike Emily I have proof of my horrible hair decisions.

Short red/brown in University....(my boobs look great!)

Dark brown in grad school.

Yup! I'll stay your favourite blonde!

7 responses to “Guest Post: Blonde by choice.”

  1. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! First of all, that cheetah thing with the underwear is the best photo of all time… next to the I-have-no-dignity-Little-Caesar’s workers. I, too dyed my hair dark for the same reasons. When my mom saw me, she said “EWWWWWWW WHoooo hoooooooo!!!!!! It looks g….great!” It is still one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. Blondes unite!

  2. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    p.s. your boobs do look great. Good God.

  3. Graeme says :

    Wow, as a brunette, you have a real Melissa Etheridge thing happening! BTW I’m a big fan of Melissa Etheridge, so this is a good thing.

  4. Debbish says :

    I think blondes ‘rebelling’ must be a common thing. I’m a natural blonde too though less-so nowadays!) and in my twenties (and again in my thirties) I dyed my hair brown for some time.

    I don’t know that I felt / was treated any differently, I think I just liked the idea that: others WANT to be blonde, and yet I was blonde and was brave (and modest) enough to do the opposite. Or something.


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