Take a photo. It lasts longer.

I’m back in Toronto after a fantastic week on the Island. Hope you’ve enjoyed the guest posts, I hand picked each of them because I love their blogs/writing/personality. Still two more to come!

I’m here for two days before flying back to Calgary on Tuesday morning, enjoying friends and family.

Sad to have left SSI, but here are a few photos from my week.

Isn’t it beautiful?

And has some of the most unique shopping.

And the cutest family-owned restaurants.

And a puppy dog that is no longer afraid of the camera.

There is nothing sweeter than listening to a southern gentleman say “puppy dog”.

Can I go back now?


2 responses to “Take a photo. It lasts longer.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Can I go back with you? Your pictures are beautiful! Looks absolutely gorgeous!

    P.S. It’s snowing in AB again… Just to prepare you. Haha. But suppose to be like 6 degrees on Tuesday! 😀

  2. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    4 words: take me with you. This looks glorious!!! Now, photos of you in your bikini, please. Sincerely, your stalker

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