Guest Post: Good looking sweaty dudes running around in shorts. AKA lacrosse.

Those of you who know of my life pre-scribbles&sass, know it revolved around lacrosse. Box or field, I was fully consumed for three seasons. While flying all over North America being the best flack I knew how to be, I stumbled across a very intriguing man based in Vancouver, BC, who was connected to the sport as well.

I got to know Teddy well thanks to Twitter, and was lucky enough to meet him last May during the NLL championships in Toronto. Ex-player, radio personality, in-game host. How does one go wrong?

Ladies in the Vancouver area (or sugar momma’s willing to fly him around) this gem is single. Ask him out. Or follow him on Twitter (@tediknight) and 140-character flirt with him. I know first hand he likes it. Or just leave a comment to tell him how witty, charming and handsome he is.

Welcome the third-ever man to scribbles&sass. Since our lives entangled because of lacrosse, Teddy tells you why we love it, and why you’ll love it, too. GO SEE A GAME!


First off let me say this, I LOVE LULULEMON PANTS!!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Teddy Jenner and I’m a guy- not sure how many of us fairer sex have had the chance to grace the pages of the s&s blog page but I feel honored to have this space and hopefully you will enjoy this male rambling.

I’m a jock- been playing sports since I was two and a half and have no want to stop. Sports, namely lacrosse (upon which this blog will be focused), have allowed me to travel all over north America, seeing new cities, meeting thousands of new people and help grow the game that has been my life force for longer than I can remember.

So let’s take a quick poll- what’s Canada’s national sport? If you said hockey, please face palm yourself and then realize that we Canadians have had the game of lacrosse, originally known as Baggataway, in our national history much longer than those people who needs skates.

Actually, lacrosse was always our national sport until May 12, 1994, when the National Sports of Canada Act came into force which named hockey, Canada’s national winter sport and lacrosse, Canada’s national summer sport.

There are two forms of lacrosse. Indoor or box lacrosse, which is primarily played in Canada and the version the National Lacrosse League plays and then there is field lacrosse. Field is the original form of the game that Native Americans played when somebody in the tribe was sick or they had conflicts between tribes- hence the name “Little Brother of War”. The outdoor version is dominated by the Americans and played primarily in the NCAA and the Major League Lacrosse.

Okay moving on from today’s history lesson.

This won’t be a post on how much more awesome lacrosse is, why you should change your mentality to watch only lacrosse or even to brain wash you to believe that the only sport in the world is lacrosse. But feel free to take those levels of thinking. It’s mostly just my opportunity to welcome a few new sets of eyes to this great sport.

Paul Rabil scoring an acrobatic OT goal.

If you’ve never seen a lacrosse game, I suggest you take a few minutes to peruse the World Wide Web for some live action videos. Ever watched a hockey game and wished there was more scoring? Welcome to lacrosse. Do you enjoy hits, the odd fight and players going balls out for four quarters? This game may just be for you.

But I won’t sugar coat things- this game isn’t for everyone (have your head examined please ’cause it is!) and I can accept that. Many new comers just can’t pick the game up right away as the action is so fast paced that it’s hard to keep up with the rules, why play was stopped or “why did the other team just get the ball for some unknown reason?” Here’s my suggestion, ask me on a date and I’ll take you to a game and explain it all to you, so the next time; you can take your girlfriends and impress them with your vast knowledge of the game. It’s pretty straight forward.

Take the up and down five on five play of hockey, thrown in some pick and roll mentality like basketball then add a lot of athletic, fit and to be honest good looking sweaty dudes running around in shorts beating each other up.

Oh did I mention a rock concert might break out while you’re there? As the in-house voice of the Washington Stealth lacrosse team based out of Everett, Washington- I’m the voice you will hear constantly throughout the game.

loud, tattoos and earrings. 🙂

Every team in the National Lacrosse League has their version of me and some are awesome while others aren’t- to be vain, I’ll give myself the #3 ranking out of the 9 that are in the league- but our job is to keep the crowd involved and help you enjoy the experience as we pump rock, dance, hip-hop and sing along songs over the speakers as the game goes on. This isn’t a Toronto Maple Leafs or Vancouver Canuck game where the corporate suits want you to sit on your hands and act all polite and quite. STAND UP AND MAKE SOME NOISE DAMMIT!! There are chants to join in on, cheers to take part in and many many opposing players to heckle and it’s all welcomed and appreciated.

The game of lacrosse may never make the North American main stream along with the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL but for dollar value, its right up there. We, I say we as I played in the NLL, are not multi-millionaires with lavish contracts, vacation homes, four cars and a wardrobe that needs it’s own personal assistant. We’re just like you, people who do what we love for the love of doing it and it just so happens we get to do it in front of a live audience.

There are nine teams in the NLL- Washington Stealth, Calgary Roughnecks, Edmonton Rush, Toronto Rock, Minnesota Swarm, Colorado Mammoth, Rochester Knighthawks, Buffalo Bandits and Philadelphia Wings. So if you’re nearby one of those teams, don’t let me down, go to a game ASAP and see what all the fun is about. I guarantee you’ll have a good time! Oh and if you have a man in your life, he won’t be disappointed either (who knows maybe you’re into this sort of thing too 😉 )….

Calgary Drill Crew...(ya think Teddy likes blondes?)

So come one come all to the greatest show on earth and one you may have never even heard about. But if you’ve never heard about it, please send me an email; I need to have a serious chat with you!

Be excellent to each other!

5 responses to “Guest Post: Good looking sweaty dudes running around in shorts. AKA lacrosse.”

  1. sister says :

    and fellas – hit me up. my lovely sister has taught me everything about box and field; and I’m willing to share some of this knowledge with you…

  2. Ayana Wood says :

    great read as usual by teddy!

  3. Krista* says :

    Haha, thanks for the lulu pants shout out! 😉

    Great post! I’m a huge hockey fan, but I do love me some lacrosse from time to time!!

  4. Teddy Jenner says :

    well thanks for having me ladies 😉 😉

    hopefully we can all attend a game one day! don’t be afraid, come say hi @tediknight

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