Guest Post: How to be single on Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ya, I don’t really give a shit. Any day that forces someone to tell me they love me, is a day I don’t want to take part in. Why can’t I get regular priced flowers on March 21 or July 11 or September 24 (hey, that’s my birthday) instead of overpriced flowers on February 14?

My favourite single day of love was Valentine’s 2010 when I was traveling for work, got drunk at brunch alone, and expensed it.

I’m not all anti-love, I am sending my parents to the fancy resort on the island for a couples massage today. They can hold hands and be all googly-eyed, that’s fine with me. Its just me and the pup over here today, oh and Elle who is going to share with us single girls a few things to do on this day of love. Imagine, her ideas don’t include being a work-inappropriate lush. Shame.


Hey Everyone! I’m Elle over at College Girls Guide To Life and I’m so excited to be a guest on Laura’s blog. I’m definitely not as sassy as her but I am full of scribbles! Today I’m going to be chatting about being a single girl on Valentine’s Day.

Now I have to be honest… I’ve been single for the last few Valentine’s and I enjoy it for the most part. Crazy right, but while all the couples are out spending on expensive dinners, expensive chocolates, and expensive flowers I am only spending $1 (and that’s on the cheesiest Redbox DvD).

So here is my single-girl Valentine’s day list, feel free to modify it to your taste. 🙂

Number 1) Get a good workout in. The endorphins will pump up your attitude and it’ll cut back all the cravings for sweets… or in my case, add some extra calories to consume 😉

Number 2) Dress festively! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t join in the dress fun! Here are a few of my fave Valentine’s outfits:

Valentine's Day

Number 3) Cook yourself a nice dinner, not only will this kill time it’ll save you money and you can make whatever you want!

Avocado Chicken

Number 4) Do a spa night. This will help rejuvinate your soul. Thanks to Birchbox I always have tons of samples to try. Plus it’s always fun to do a facial and paint your nails.

Number 5)
Watch a complete cheesy and romantic movie that a man would hate. Make sure it has a happy ending!

And the very last thing, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you aren’t surrounded by people who don’t love you.

My 4th Graders

Church Families

My Family


6 responses to “Guest Post: How to be single on Valentine’s.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Haha! This is awesome 🙂 I hope you have a truly enjoyable Valentine’s Day! It’s always good to spoil yourself 🙂

  2. Debbish says :

    Do you know what I did on Valentine’s Day? Bought myself a new car! (Well, I bought it earlier and picked it up yesterday!!!) Yay!

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