Guest Post: What snowboarding taught me about dating.

This trip has not been off to a great start. It looked like my plane was going to crash in a fiery wreck, or at least go right off the runway, the 16.5 hour drive took 19 due to inclement weather, and my poor face has broken out into a horrible rash from the travel, air, lack of sleep, change in altitude, climate, etc. It’s pretty painful, but that’s the only pretty thing about it. No matter what, I’d do it all over again to be back on this island.

There are so many photos I want to take and share, but first I’m going to experience it with my eyes. Soak it all in.

My wonderful roommate is back today, sharing another story of hers. Katey shared her yoga experience on s&s last month, and blogs over at That’s What Smith Said.

I’m a love pessimist. I realize that. I start thinking, and reasoning with logic, instead of embracing and trying. With one day left till the love-holiday, it’s rather uplifting to read Katey’s story about giving it a chance. She’s so honest about life and her approach to dating; I really admire that.  All I can say (besides “just read it”) is: I should learn to snowboard or commit…I’m not sure which one.


The weirdest things can make me anxious and fearful. I am terrified that one day I will go through the car wash with a window open, so whenever the water starts shooting at my car I become anxious until the whole thing is over. It seems so silly and ridiculous. I mean, THIS is a fear I have? How great of a life do I have when this is what makes me anxious?

Late last year I decided I needed to change this – I was wasting so much energy on being anxious about things of little importance and it was affecting my life more than I knew. I was missing out on SO much of what life had to offer. I came up with the idea that for each month of 2012 I would focus on doing one task that challenged my comfort zone. Little did I know how these small accomplishments would help me in other areas of my life as well.

February’s challenge was to snowboard in the mountains. My patient brother had taught me what he could last year, but I never had the confidence to make it to the mountains. This year, I decided to take lessons at Calgary Olympic Park to ensure my skills were up to par before I plummeted down a massive mountain at 80km/hour on a thin, waxed board. During my first lesson and after a frustrating run attempting turns, my instructor turned to me and said, “You have problems committing.” Bingo. It was my biggest problem on the hill (and off.) When I started going too fast and felt out of control, I would put the brakes on and take the easy route to the bottom of the hill. I was missing out on the entire experience of boarding!

Finally, half way through the second lesson I committed to the turns. Was it terrifying? Yes. Did I fall and hurt myself? Yes. Did I get right back up and do it all over again? Hell yes. I felt great, energized and confident. On my way home that night I realized I needed to apply this “commit mentality” to another area of my life: Boys.

All that week I was chatting with a guy and our connection terrified me. I’ve been hurt a lot in the past, and I keep a strong guard up when meeting new people. Somehow he was able to break down those walls and make me feel incredibly comfortable, but at the same time I was anxious and fearful of what could happen. I was plummeting down a hill and did not feel in control. My first instinct was to put the brakes on and take the easy route out, but after my snowboarding lesson I knew I had to commit to taking a chance on him.

After hanging out with him for the better half of this weekend, I think I’ve taken that chance. Is it terrifying? Yes. Will I fall and get hurt? It’s always a possibility. But, if I didn’t take this chance I might miss out on that rush I felt the first time I made a turn on the hill. Whatever comes from this, I know that in the end I’ll be able to get up and do it all again if I need to. Snowboarding has taught me that commitment is sometimes worth it in the end.

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