Guest Post: Midnight train to Georgia.

While I’m making the long drive, Sister has hijacked the blog today to tell you a little more about St. Simons. Enjoy the first of many guest posts!

Oh, and I couldn’t be more proud to tell you that sister has started her own blog. Check it out: allison’s favourite things.


How many things can you say you’ve loved since 1994?

In March of 1994 I fell in love with St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Think: deep South, sweet tea, wrap around porches with rocking chairs, dark blue ocean, soft sand, jellyfish galore, shrimp boats, magnolia trees, Spanish moss, and the kindest, most polite people you’ve ever met.

When it’s (potentially) snowing and cold in Canada, what kid doesn’t want to spend a week splashing in the ocean, poking jellyfish, searching for sand dollars, and learning how to mix a mean Salty Dog?! Oh yah, you read that right, our great Aunt taught Laura how to make Salty Dogs and Greyhounds while we played Rummykub, Rummoli, and just about any other card game you could bet on.

Laura should be arriving at our childhood paradise sometime today, probably thinking I’ll be waiting on the other side of the door. Sorry, sis, for reals I can’t make it this time. We surprised my Mom 2 years ago…Laura was scheduled to visit, and I booked a last minute flight. Laur said they lost her luggage to lure Mom back to the airport for the evening flight, and instead of lost luggage, it was me!

So, why do I love it?

It’s a great backdrop for family photos…

And you can get your learn on…

(visit to Fort Frederica,

Then there’s Brogens, home the best blue-cheese bacon burger with a side of onion rings on the planet! And 4th of May, where they think you’re crazy cause you want to have breakfast on the patio in Jan/Feb/March (they also refuse to come out to bring you food or coffee refills cause it’s “too cold”, so, they tap on the window and you have to pick it up from the window yourself).

Just look at the beauty…

All together now, siiiiiiggggghhh!

So, I may be in Guelph, but my heart has been in Georgia since 1994.

2 responses to “Guest Post: Midnight train to Georgia.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Love the pictures! I use to live in Comox on Vancouver Island… This reminds me so much of the Island! Ahh, I would love to live there again! I use to love chasing jelly-fish and finding sand dollars 🙂

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