Njoy Life.

When you say it, it sounds so easy. Enjoy life.

make gif(Oh no, I’ve turned into one of those blog-girls who post GIFs of themselves!)

If you will draw your attention to day five of lipstick (24 left). Cockney by MAC. A luster finish that I’d consider an everyday red since it is a bit sheer.

Last Thursday, I accompanied two friends to an art show that featured photographs from a local artist and paintings from a couple from New York. The “gallery” aka wicked clothing store in Inglewood named the event #YYCNYC (calgary-new york, how original).

Wine, and beautiful art, and a wicked DJ. I couldn’t think of a better Thursday. Well maybe that Thursday we went for lunch and ended up leaving the pub at 7:30 p.m.

The local artist had gorgeous work, but the photos were all too small for my liking. They were bathroom sized, not bedroom sized.The other artists had hand-painted plaques scattered around the store with motivational, uplifting and love-filled phrases.

Doesn’t it make you smile? Who is this soul that is sharing such a positive spirit with the world? Who is PEPE?

THIS is Pepe.

As I admired his work, the gentle man took the time to explain to me his story. He is from Amsterdam, and met the owner of the Calgary clothing shop in his travels. He stayed in touch with her, and invited her to his studio once he moved to NYC. She fell in love with one of his paintings, and knew she needed to sell his art in the store. After years of communication, Pepe finally came to visit Calgary and the Canadian store that sold his art.

To make the trip worthwhile, Pepe got to work at painting all of the change rooms with original art.

If you didn't know, this is what Calgary really looks like!

On the back of a door.

And they held the #yycnyc exhibit.

I have beautiful friends.

Every word out of his mouth was so genuine. He truly believed every heartwarming word he painted.

The more we talked, I knew that I always needed to remember this man. The invitation to visit them in NYC will help, and I will take them up on it. “Visit my studio in NY, you must visit,” he said. Who am I to be rude?

I also got my hands on his work.

Njoy Life.

After I purchased it, he snatched it from my hands and proceeded to create me another piece of art.

Feb. 2nd, 2012: To Laura! xxx ❤ WITH LOVE, Pepe. NYC.

With my new original piece of art displayed in my room, I know I will not forget this man or his message.

Love. Spread love. Make love. Be love.


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