Set the world on fire.

“Don’t let leaving get you down ’cause you’re gonna do amazing things. Inspire people. Dream big. Make new goals. Try new things. Be adventurous. Be your best you.


That was an excerpt from the final speech my sister left me with before I set off to Calgary. It’s a lot of pressure when someone believes in you (it is also incredibly gratifying).

My insanely-encouraging sister has had one simple direction for me: set the world on fire. Simple, I thought, until it came time to spark.

What if you’re too afraid to light the match?

That one sentence has been daunting me for the last few weeks. I can’t seem to get my head around what holds us back. I was luckily raised to believe I could be anything I wanted: a doctor, a lawyer, a firetruck. Nothing was impossible; I had no limits. So why is it that when it comes to take the steps to make dreams a reality, we’re halted? A fear a failure? Not wanting to be horribly selfish? But who else deserves to be invested in wholeheartedly, if not yourself? Why is it so hard to leap?

Don’t get me wrong, I have soared many times. Flighty, even. I trust my gut to steer me, and it likes the open road. There have also been many times where my head prevails and I stay parked. I’ve talked myself out of blazing a trail.

We’ve all met fire extinguishers, too. Those people in our lives that do nothing but crush dreams and use the dreaded word can’t. They talk about silly things like reality and restrictions. Most of the time their jealously and ignorance is disguised as skewed logic of acceptability. These are the people who were still in kindergarten nap time while the rest of us were colouring outside of the lines.

Don’t let them get near your flame.

Sadly, I cannot wrap this up in a pretty bow; at 26, I also don’t think I need to have everything figured out. I don’t want to leave you with some fluffy cliche quote about striking out and playing the game, or jumping off bridges and learning to fly. I will leave you with this thought, what is life except a search for answers? I’m fine with that because I’m full of questions. Ask yourself questions daily, challenge the way you think, and always grow as a person.

One goal for your Monday: find a way to set a fire today.


4 responses to “Set the world on fire.”

  1. sister says :

    while I may not set fires (but, damn, if I did, I bet a certain firefighter would come put them out….i digress), but you are definitely inspiring me to potentially take the leap I’ve been too nervous to take. Fingers crossed, today could be the day.

    love you.

  2. Jonathon says :

    Another way to think about this idea of “sparking a fire” is carpe diem. It doesn’t always have to be something grandiose, but on some days those choices will completely change your life.

  3. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says :

    I love this quote, very inspirational and it gets your mind going for sure. Lately I’ve been contemplating a major change and it’s this kind of quote that really encourages me to DO it. Sounds like you have a great sister!!

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