Paint it red.

And yellow. And pink. And blue. And green…

I want to do the colour run! I mean color run. (ew, it looks horrible sans u).

I’m really not sure if there would be a run more fun than standing at the start line fresh and clean in your whites, and running through colour zones until you finish 5k later looking like you just left Woodstock. Tie-dyed and smiling.

So I kinda have this thing for destroying improving white shirts with colour.

They just look so much better. I really dislike anything white – I don’t own a piece of white clothing, unless there is a plan to make it colourful.

Best part of the photo is if you strain you can see the guy in the red (who I dated) glaring at me talking to Pat

Life is just better with a little colour!

It looks like the closest location to me would be Seattle on May 13 and I’m highly considering packing up my white men’s undershirt and hitting the technicolour road.

HIGH colour zone, please!

It’s another fun run (read: I don’t think they’d give me a medal here either) but since I heard about it, I just can’t get my mind off of it. Should I do it?

Also, they are a sassy bunch, and I love them for that. There is always room for humor in writing. Their website wins!

Oh, and as promised. A WINNER!

That’d be Robyn!

Congrats, love! I’ve sent you an email with all the information I need to pass onto the company. I’ve never tried the new YogaTree but I LOVE 889 Yonge. The staff, the space, the classes. The spa đŸ˜‰ All of it is fabulous. Enjoy exploring Toronto’s yoga community.

3 responses to “Paint it red.”

  1. Andrea says :

    Sign me up for being on the sidelines throwing colour at people! That looks like so much fun.

  2. Anna @ The Guiltless Life says :

    That really does sound fun! I love runs with a theme because having things going on just distracts you from the run and keeps it light hearted. So fun!

  3. Kathryn says :

    OMG! I would totally do this! ROAD TRIP!

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