What you probably don’t know (and probably don’t care about).

I know you’re probably sitting there saying to yourself: “Self, I just wish I knew more about Laur! She’s just the ginchiest!”

You flatter me, and you’re in luck!

This week two blog babies are asking me to reveal the secrets behind this special mind. Bliss Connect is wrapping up #6WeeksofBliss by prying into my persona and Candace over at Lovely Little Rants is starting a “5 Things Linkup” a.k.a.

I know a lot of things about me, I talk about them often. Hello, it’s MY blog! What else would I do besides talk about myself?!

Instead, to make things interesting, I asked my friends to tell me facts that others probably didn’t know about me.

Here are the top five from them, with explanations from me.

You have an unnatural love of cauliflower – Sister

I could probably eat cauliflower every day, maybe even twice a day. It has to be cooked, though – steamed or roasted – raw just makes me want to yak.

I know I know! You won’t eat an entire sandwich if it’s topped with a pickle! – Katy

Second impressions don’t make me look any better than first impressions. Katy and I went on a yoga and lunch date over the Christmas holiday. I swooned over her yoga teacher goddess, bought a few things while shopping on Queen E, and acted like an absolute lunatic over a sandwich. Who spears a chicken/avocado club with a pickle? I needed to put it on a side plate and move it as far away from me as possible. The sandwich was cut into three pieces and I was only hungry enough for two. It was merely a coincidence that the one I didn’t eat was the one that touched the pickle. I have the same reaction to olives.

It’s not a quirky thing, but you are an overly kind person; more than many. I’m pretty sure any time we walked by a beggar you have given something. You said they likely need it more than you do. I don’t think many look at things that way.  – Paul

So this one made me melt (and he’s single, ladies)! I’m very generous with loose change in my pocket. There was a gentleman who lived under the highway at my exit ramp. We talked a few times a week and he got a loonie or twoonie if I had it. There was a lady with a dog that I passed on my way home from yoga. I used to pack dog treats with me for my walk so I could spoil the German shepherd. I guess I’ve done it a few more times if Paul remembers.

You’ll always help clean up a party. Strange by true. – Jenny McT

I will be the last person at your party because I’ll be in your kitchen rinsing out beer bottles. I do this sober or intoxicated. No one wants to wake up hungover to a mess, or the smell of musty bottles. I may sweep or mop, too, if there is a spill. This quirk often gets me yelled at by the drunk party host, who then thanks me in the morning.

Label peeler! …you could say you don’t like to put labels on anything lol – Andrea

I love her sense of humor, but it’s true I dislike any form of label a lot! Don’t give me anything with a label on it. I will remove it, tear it into little pieces, and then leave it scattered across the table. I also do this with the paper table cloths they use in some restro-pubs (read: I did that on a date. God, I’m classy.)

If you want to learn a few more things about me, click here and here.

Care to over-share, too? Or are you just leaving it to me?

13 responses to “What you probably don’t know (and probably don’t care about).”

  1. sister says :

    you quoted me and used “ginchiest” in a sentence. coolest girl, ever!
    ps: I care.

  2. Elle says :

    Umm we can not be friends anymore… I love pickels.

  3. queeniecarly says :

    Oooooh! I love stuff like this! When you’re in BC, I’d be happy to take on all pickles that dare cross your path. 😛

  4. Anna says :

    I love these facts – they’re so quirky! I love cauliflower as well. And I have to read more into your dislike of labels and say that that reveals something very open-minded about your character! 🙂

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Hooray for another cauliflower lover! Too many can’t stand the smell (which is delicious, crazy people).

      It’s been my strength and fighting point for years. My mother said it is what she admired about me, but got me into a lot of heated arguments. People are just that: people. That is the only label we need to wear. I am a human, that is all that matters. We don’t need to concern ourselves with anything else about a person, it just makes the journey much more complicated to try and figure out. No reason to write someone else’s story.

  5. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    Hahahah I don’t believe that it was “just a coincidence” that you didn’t eat the third sandwich! But, I did smile with glee reliving out date. Now kindly come home.

  6. Kimberley Linstruth-Beckom says :

    I’m one of those people that helps clean up at a party too. I just can’t help myself because I know I wouldn’t want to see the mess in the morning either.

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