#Fitblog gets sassy.

Yours truly will be hosting #fitblog tonight (Tuesday, January 17) at 9 p.m. EST!

that'd be 7 p.m. for us in the mountains.

I hope you can make it; everyone is welcome to join the chat. You can sign in here: http://chats.fitblogchats.com/live or follow along the #fitblog hashtag on Twitter. We start with introductions, go on to answer four questions and end with wicked brags about how great we all are. Answers to the questions should be labeled Q1., Q2., etc. and all tweets should be marked with the #fitblog tag inorder to show up in the conversation stream. Remember, as much as answering the questions is fun, the greatest part of #fitblog is the interaction and conversation.

If you want to prepare, here’s tonight’s agenda:

Q1) Do you feel you have to make New Year’s Resolutions or do you make them because you want to and you usually set goals anyway?
Q2) Do you exercise because you have to, to lose weight/keep a figure or want to because you’re a freak that loves sweating?
Q3) You pick salad over pizza because you want to better fuel your body or because you have to avoid health blogger dirty stares?
Q4) Do you belong to a gym because you like the variety of machines and classes or because you have to, you can’t do it alone?
Will I see you there?

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