Hell no, we won’t go. And other protest chants.

Harsh! I love it. Leave it to Kevin to tell it like it is.

It’s true; it’s annoying to see someone tweeting about only eating salads, but checking-in at a fast-food restaurant on Foursquare hours later, or talking about their perfect weight-training program, before bailing out of their first scheduled workout. No one is holding a gun to your head; it’s up to you. Do you want it, or not? Put your head down and do work, son.

Welcome to the Anti-Resolution Revolution.

I’ve told you before just how great the team over at MeYou Health are. They started Daily Challenge, have a whack load of healthy-living apps, are in BOSTON and are the proud parents of the resistance. AKA the Anti-Resolution website.

I don’t care if it is made up (it’s not) but that’s a huge number: 88% of New Years resolutions fail. So stop the cycle of shame and join our protest! Find out how to turn a resolution into a realistic goal.

For example, I want to travel four times in 2012. I’ll need some serious cash to accomplish that. I won’t pledge to save money.

But I will:

I’m already doing great, and am 4-for-4 this week on homemade lunches.

My bikini in Hawaii mission will take some serious work. I won’t declare to lose weight.

But I will:

I’ve been a cardio queen this week; next week is four yoga sessions.

There are examples of goals to save money, lose weight, manage and reduce stress, quit a habit, or spend more time with family. Making small, daily changes will help achieve any s.m.a.r.t. goal. Take the steps to succeed and let the Anti-Resolutionists help you along the way.

9 responses to “Hell no, we won’t go. And other protest chants.”

  1. sister says :

    I am IN LOVE with this! Anti-resolution it up, sister!

  2. Michele @ nycrunningmama says :

    This is a great idea!! I’m a huge fan of not making resolutions. Goals are so much more productive – and I find that making a goal requires you to do many little things to achieve it!
    Great post – checking out the website now =)

  3. Anna says :

    I agree – I read your yoga post too and my yoga studio is very much the same way right now. It’s 100% chaotic and I’m like “where were you guys all November, December…??” It’s so frustrating when I don’t make it into my regular yoga class because it’s jam packed full of people who probably will be nowhere to be found come March time. I’m just a doer rather than a thinker, so whenever I decide to make a change I do, but I also have to give props to people who are making an effort and hope that at least some of them stick with it. If at least a couple of people find their healthy way this New Year then I give major props to them!

  4. Jenn says :

    I have mixed feelings about goals. But in general I think most people set their goals too low and don’t expect enough of themselves. If they don’t make it so what!!! I think the real danger is aiming too low and making it rather than aiming too high and missing it. (thats a botched up Michaelangelo quote) Setting big goals has opened up some amazing opportunities for me and my family. Right now I’m living my dream traveling the US in an rv for a year and it wouldn’t have happened if we had not set some pretty lofty goals!

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Jenn, what an amazing trip your family is taking! I agree that the majority of people are afraid of failure. My thoughts are bounce if you’re going to fall, and skid in a blaze of glory if you’re really tanking. Try with all your might and see what happens on the other side. I love setting my yearly goals and my short-term goals on working towards realizing them.

  5. Sara says :

    I love this! I haven’t made a “resolution” for the New Year for about five years now. They always failed. But low and behold I start to seriously think about my health/eating better/exercising back in late October and so far I’m doing awesome and no resolution needed. But all the NY Resolution people who joined the gym and will clog it for the next two months are annoying me–finding a parking spot is a biatch.

  6. Patty says :

    Did I miss the word for the ‘ t ‘ in s.m.a.r.t. ? I saw it on the Me You Health site. I do really like what it stands for.

    • Laura @ scribbles and sass says :

      Thanks for dropping by, Patty. The ‘t’ is for timely. Make sure your goals have a time limit associated with them. Since my goals are for 2012, they all need to be accomplished within a year. My four trips will be one every three months (at least).

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