Resolutioners can kiss my butt.

I am all for people getting sweaty in the name of health. I am against resolutioners taking up the workout space I have been occupying since October. I have to fight to get a cardio machine in the gym, and I’m shoulder to shoulder with other sweaty Betty’s in yoga class. Damn you, January.

Sunday’s class at Moksha Yoga Calgary was no different. With over 50 yogis squished into a small and hot space, we began a 75 minute traditional Moksha practice. I was sandwiched between two experienced students in the front row by the door. I was thankful for the cool breeze sneaking in through the cracks in the door frame because…well….

I may have balled my eyes out child’s pose half way through the practice. Thank goodness I was so sweaty I could camouflage the ugly tears. Maybe.

The worst part of it is, I loved the space.

so beautiful.

And the instructor was funny and charming. Picture this: you’re sweaty and you are hurting, you are struggling to take Warrior II because your hip is in spasm and then you hear…

strong arms. gaze over your left hand at your big rock. don’t have one? is it your goal to get engaged in 2012? I know a few good men. come talk to me after class.

Why is this a bad thing? Because I had a bad practice, a very intense practice, with far too many people. As much as I liked the space and instructor, I have no urge within me to go back. You have to feel drawn to a yoga studio, and as far as my practice is concerned I don’t hear anyone screaming my name. I would suggest this studio and Alexander’s class to intermediate or advanced yogis. Is there a time I’d return? Maybe. They offer an hour long Meditation class for a donation of $5 and that interests me because I wouldn’t be moving.


One response to “Resolutioners can kiss my butt.”

  1. Krista* says :

    Aww, sorry to hear about this! 😦 I’ve also cried during my practice… Ugh.
    The studio does look absolutely gorgeous…

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