2012 goal = less goals.

I can’t say it better than myself, so I’ll borrow a quote from a year ago:

I don’t make resolutions – those things are silly and we often set ourselves up for failure. Since I’m trying not to be self-sabotaging we will steer clear of those. Okay? Okay!

With another year upon us, I have more goals to set. I often set short-term goals to get me through a month, but I enjoyed the large power of making a list of yearly goals in 2011. I laid out a list of 38 goals, and did pretty good at achieving most, even though I now realize the list was pretty daunting.

I love my mind being in many places at once, but time and time again I’ve told myself (and have been told by others) that I need to focus more.

2012 goal = less goals.

In this case less does not mean I don’t have a lot of hopes for 2012, probably the opposite. By naming fewer, larger goals, I am able to concentrate more on the tactics needed to reach each of them.

Travel at least four times.

That averages out of every 3 months, which allows me to keep my finances in check while I get to see parts of the country/world that I’ve yet to experience. I already have two trips on the horizon and a stretch goal of Hawaii.

Make yoga my focus.

I realized in 2011 that yoga teacher training is in my future. I have had many quirky instructors over the last year that helped me realize there is a place for my unique personality in the world of asanas. The reason I am not focusing on becoming an instructor this year is because I feel I have a lot more to learn. I want to rock arm balances, I want to master handstands, I want the craziest Chaturanga Dandasana to Upward-Facing Dog you’ve ever seen. I am fully aware that yoga is a practice, but I need to learn before I can help others do the same.

Become a writer.

Just because I blog and call myself a writer doesn’t mean I have successfully completed this goal. I have been published a few times in 2011, but in 2012 I have my eyes set on a regular reoccurring column on a professional organization website, in a newspaper or magazine. Dollar signs are also attached to this goal. Maybe I’ll become a travel writer and knock two goals off at the same time.

Don’t mindlessly date.

This is a big adjustment from last year’s goal of having a date a month. It was good to get me out of my shell and meet new people, but I found myself scraping together any date possible. 2012 is quality over quantity.

Own and wear a bikini.

This goal encompasses nutrition, exercise, and confidence. Also, a great thing for my trip to Hawaii. 😉 It would be my first bikini. Hell, I don’t actually own a bathing suit of any kind at the moment – full piece. two piece. (three piece?!)

All hot.

For your enjoyment, watch any and all of the Teen Girl Squad videos.


Would you rather set many small goals, or fewer large goals….or fewer small goals….or many large goals?

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