Half way to bliss.

The big day is almost here, and if you’ve yet to get me a Christmas gift here are a few options for the fitness-lover side of me.

  • A new yoga mat.

I’ve been practicing with the same mat for the last 3 or 4 years…I really don’t think you’re supposed to keep them around that long. I’m thankful I do a good amount of hot yoga so the mat is covered with a towel so it’s a bit less worn out.

  • The run: your heart out tank.

Lets be serious, almost any piece from lululemon will do, but I really love this tank. I have it in red and wear it to yoga, wear it to the gym, and wear it with jeans and boots. Can’t find it? I’ll take a giftcard and go find it myself.

  • If my race goes well on NYE, I would like a Garmin Forerunner.

Ever since I bought my wicked new Asics, I have lost the ability to connect my Nike+ sensor from shoe to iPhone since I’m not running in Nikes anymore. Duh!

I won’t be too greedy, so we’ll leave the list at three things. If I could add anything else, I’d like new hips, knees and a left ankle.

Thanks in advance! Kissy kissy.

**This post was part of the 6 Weeks of Bliss blogging series by Bliss Connect, week 3 to be exact. Sadly, Canadians can’t win any of the sweet prizes, but you can still join in on the challenges. Check it out, sign up, and get your name in on some sweet swag.

One response to “Half way to bliss.”

  1. annakstern says :

    I love that tank so much that I don’t want to wait for it as a potential gift! I might just run out and get one after work! I love how LuLu’s stuff can be worn on and off the mat! Thanks, from #6WeeksofBliss!

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