Lions, and Tigers, and Lights. Oh my!

The girls celebrated Christmas in a very holiday-way. We ventured to the Calgary Zoo for Zoo Lights.

Rosey cheeks and cold noses.

Eight of us bundled up to take in the lights and get together one last time before we all started going home. It also checked another item off my Conquered list.

It's a flower! In lights! At the zoo!

We saw fish:

And flamingos:

Kissy kissy.

And ducks:

Too bad we didn’t get to see any actual animals. It just means I’ll just have to go back in the summertime.

We continued to walk the grounds until things got serious at Lover’s Lane.

Romance. I spy an eye twinkle.

One last thing to put us in the Christmas spirit:

SANTA! I know him!

He was in the North Pole, of course. So we could only see him and speak to him via satellite.

We all agreed that Zoo Lights would be a perfect date night. Someone cute to hold hands with, stroll along with, and drink hot chocolate with. Even better was seven other foxy women, being a goof and laughing pretty hard. Oh and then coming home and eating cookies and watching PVR’d SNL in our sweat pants. Merry Christmas, indeed!


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