Mama said.

Mom gets mad at me when I don’t brush my hair.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t put the most effort into my day-to-day appearance. Makeup is a scarcity unless I’ve got a date, or a night out. Ponytails and buns are my go-to hair styles, and as mentioned above a brush is usually not involved in the coiffing.

I’ve never thought this was much of an issue. Sure it pissed off mom, and Sister asked me to look in the mirror to make sure I didn’t have anything on my face before going out with her, but that happens in all families, right?!

I do know how to work it when I need to, though.

The girl cleans up.

I had my work Christmas party on Friday and pulled out all the stops (read: I did my hair, makeup AND put on a dress). All things I enjoy, they just rarely happen at the same time.

The tipping point came when a co-worker’s girlfriend came up to me later in the night apologizing for not saying hi when I first saw her. “I didn’t even recognize you. You look great. I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you.”

Yeah, that’s a wake up call. In addition to washing my face better and flossing more, I think I need to add “look like you give a shit” to the list of yearly goals. Clearly, I’m delusional when I think I look great at all times.

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny. – Coco Chanel

Dammit, Coco! Not you, too.

Less up-dos + more effort = happier people looking at me.


9 responses to “Mama said.”

  1. sister says :

    it’s actually quite funny, cause you’d think Mom’s motto of “wear sweatpants and settle” would mesh well with unbrushed hair.

  2. terranleigh says :

    Your hair looks awesome here! I feel ya though minimal make-up and bun/pony tail are my go to looks. Even if I start the day with my hair down you better believe it’ll be up by the time I go home :-). PS: Love the blog!

  3. queeniecarly says :

    Haha! Kindred spirits, we are! How come you didn’t speak up when I wrote about that?!? 😉

    You look gorgeous, darling! xo

  4. Anna says :

    I love your hair all curled up like that! And the red lipstick is a definite win :).

  5. Krista* says :

    You look great!

    I’m totally like you… I actually hate the ‘getting ready process’ most of the time. When all is said and done I usually like the outcome, looks a lot better than my day to day business! But ugh… the time and effort? I need to work on being more ‘girly-girly’ sometimes!

  6. Katy @ Fit In Heels says :

    You are divine!!!!! LOVE the lips, you sexy vixen! I’m lucky to teach phys ed so pretty much every day I don’t have to dress up, but I actually really do like to, so it’s nice to have a day when I don’t teach PE or when I’m going out somewhere. I’ll be wearing heels to yoga on the 27th. You wear the red lips. We’ll be the coolest in the class.

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