Screw you, not doing that.

Alternate titles could be:

I need to spend my life in pigeon pose
Just stay in child’s pose, and don’t listen to me
Why do I think I can do yoga?

We’ve officially tipped the halfway mark of the Passport to Prana studios in Calgary. Studio #5 on the list was Leela Eco Spa.

The space was small and cozy, and it was beautifully decorated.

The receptionist was friendly and inviting. There were no change rooms, and minimal storage space, but she assured me I could bring my bag into the studio.

Once we got a look at the space, I decided to leave my things in the hall. It was a wee studio, but we somehow managed so squeeze 20 people in. It felt a bit tight. I’m not sure why I felt squished, I used to share my practice with 70+ sweaty people at Power Yoga Canada in a space that should fit 45.

We joined the instructor, Jen, for a 75 minute Yin-Yang class:

“Yin Yang (beginner to intermediate) Bring balance and openess to tight places. The first half of the class heats the body up with sun salutes and opening postures. The second half cools the body down with long holds and deep stretches.. Expect a focus on one part of the body and to feel a big difference afterwards! Music: Mellow beats.”

The whole thing was a challenge and switching between dominant and submissive poses play tricks on the mind. It removed me from my element and shook up my practice.

Jen didn’t take herself or practice too seriously. We laughed often at ourselves and each other. When she asked me to bend lower into Warrior I, and I said “um no” she didn’t go into a speech about pushing our limits, she just giggled and said “okay, no”.

While we were all in balancing poses, she told us the story of how she doesn’t think her students always have to listen to her when she suggests they go deeper into poses. She once told her students they could tell her “screw you”. After too much of that, she realized the language choices in yoga class needed to change.

She was a delight and I’m happy to hear she teaches at two other studios around town. I’ll take another of her classes and will return to Leela, too. The best part is, the studio is 0.7 km from our house – an easy walk!

Now, a few hours after class, my hips are sore. I’ve realized I could spend hours in hip openers and still be stiff. While we’re at it, I’ll need to throw in some chest openers. Seems I’ve tensed up protecting my heart.

Thank goodness we don’t have plans till 7. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to peel myself off this couch for a while.

3 responses to “Screw you, not doing that.”

  1. queeniecarly says :

    I adore teachers like that. I have half a post written about the one I discovered a week ago. She was a DELIGHT!

    So…was it a good shake up? Or a challenging one?

  2. Krista* says :

    I’m loving all your yoga reviews! It’s totally making me want to go to yoga
    RIGHT NOW! Haha. I really need to get back to practicing… 🙂
    I wish I lived in Calgary!

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